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INFOGRAPHIC: Lifecycle Marketing

Posted by Polly Flinch on Feb 12, 2016 12:01:04 PM

You hear a lot about lifecycle marketing and the importance of marketing to existing customers. There are lots of facts and data points out there in the universe, so we put together this lifecycle marketing infographic to help you get a singular view of what's happening and how lifecycle marketing can play a part in growing your business. 


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Transforming Retail. Together. A Preview of eTail West 2016

Posted by Chelsea Raegen on Feb 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

eTail launched in 1999, with 100 people in a room discussing the future of the retail industry. Flash forward 17 years and we’re one week away from eTail West 2016, with an expected 1,100 retail attendees (the biggest eTail West yet).


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3 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Campaigns

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Feb 8, 2016 4:35:28 PM


The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! Now’s the time to capitalize on those last-minute shoppers. Trust us, it’s not too late to start. In 2015, over half of the revenue generated from Valentine's Day campaigns was received in the week of the holiday itself [1].We’ve compiled some campaign ideas to help you capture those procrastinators and bring in some additional revenue for the holiday.



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Top Cart Recovery Campaigns of 2015

Posted by Enelda Butler on Feb 2, 2016 10:14:18 AM

Cart recovery campaigns should be an essential part of any retailer’s email marketing strategy. Shopping cart abandonment is an ever-growing issue for the eCommerce industry, with the average online retailer experiencing 65% shopping cart abandonment for a total of nearly $4 trillion worth of merchandise lost each year. Of this 65 percent, only 2% of the abandoned carts are recovered.


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10 Reasons You'd Be Crazy to Pass Up This Free Trial

Posted by Polly Flinch on Feb 1, 2016 3:46:05 PM

Normally my posts tend to talk about how to use Windsor Circle, best practices for email marketing, and exciting new content that we want our readers to be aware of. However, today I wanted to take a bit of time to shed some light on a phenomenal opportunity we are offering to retailers. For 60 days, retailers can test drive Windsor Circle. To break it down for you, here are 10 reasons why you'd be crazy to ignore Windsor Circle's Free Trial


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