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25+ Subject Lines for Cart Recovery

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Dec 31, 2014 3:46:00 PM
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Recover 15% of lost revenue.

Recovering carts is a fundamental element of a successful marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses. Merchandise that is abandoned by shoppers presents a clear signal of what items a visitor is interested in purchasing. Dropped carts offer retailers a huge opportunity to retarget these visitors, who are just tip-toeing around the "purchase now" button, through personalized email campaigns. 

Windsor Circle's Cart Recovery Software ensures more customers complete their purchase by triggering data-driven recovery campaigns in real time. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery: 25 Email Subject Lines 

We have complied a list of creative subject lines to help you get started with shopping cart recovery campaigns. Windsor Circle clients can contact their Client Success Manager directly for help with strategies for content and automated configuration settings.

Call to Action

Don’t leave your items behind!
How much longer till you return?
Mr. Customer are you ready get your ____________
Get your __________ now!
Complete your purchase now
You left items in your cart
Forget something Mr. Customer?
Where did you go? :(


Your cart MADE us send this reminder.
Free ticket back to cart
Your shopping cart is having abandonment issues :(
Hi, its your shopping cart at ______________
Your shopping cart is up to something…
pssssttt… We think your shopping cart is stalking you (O.O)
Your shopping cart misses you
Your shopping cart is lonely!

Offering Incentives

Customer – OK, lets make a deal
Get _________ when you finish your order!
Looking for a better deal?

Troubleshooting Checkout 

Oops…Was there a problem checking out?
Do you have any questions about _______________ 


Just for you Mr. Customer!
You must be a smart shopper
Read these reviews on __________________
Customer, Thanks for visiting us at _______________
We are still holding the ___________________ for you!
There is still time to get a great deal on _____________

Learn More About Cart Recovery

Discover how Windsor Circle's Cart Recovery Software helps retailers recapture more revenue or read our FREE case study which features three global retailers who are recovering, on average, 15% of dropped carts.

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