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2 Key Ways to Impact Your Niche Customer Base for Online Retailers

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Jun 30, 2015 10:00:00 AM




For the smaller retailers out there, we wanted to highlight a recent success story of a niche small online retail store and client of Windsor Circle, The Long Tie Store.

What do they do?

They help out the super tall men of the world to keep their bellies covered with extra long ties! The founder of this business was in fact in need of longer ties and set out to solve the problem for tall men everywhere.

So what’s the problem?

As a one-man eCommerce shop there are limited resources and time to devote to marketing efforts. As you can imagine, Long Tie Shop has a small and very specific customer base so it is imperative to make the most out of it.

I was interested in retention, but as a one man operation I didn’t think I was at that scale yet. But we were able to make it pay for itself very quickly, and have seen great results. I wasn’t getting a lot of repeat customers before and it’s now significantly higher, which, of course, is well worth it.

         -Ben Jones, Founder, Long Tie Store

Where to start?

Well of course we are going to say retention marketing! Keep those tall tie wearing and tie loving customers and help them buy more.  Using Windsor Circle’s retention automation, Long Tie Store has cracked down and created two focus campaigns based around 2 of the 9 pillars of retention automation.

  1. Get Connected.

Long Tie Store set up a welcome series that has the highest engagement of their automated campaigns, with an overall 41% open rate.

  1. Save your churning customers.

Long Tie Store also created a Win-Back Campaign that is responsible for 44% of  total attributable revenue from data-driven lifecycle marketing.

The Results:

By simply using these two focuses and building data-driven email campaigns around them, Long Tie Store has tripled its number of retained customers in less than one year. They also saw a decrease of customer churn by 50% from their automated campaigns.

What does this mean for other retailers?

Looking at all aspects of marketing can be overwhelming for small businesses with niche target markets, small teams, and limited budgets. Long Tie Store provides a road map for ways to maximize time and cost by prioritizing the most important of the 9 pillars and setting up automated campaigns to impact niche retailers most influential metrics.


Download the Long Tie Store Case Study and take a deeper look at exactly how Long Tie Store created these campaigns.

The Long Tie Store Case Study provides a walk through of:

  • Post-Purchase Welcome Series

  • Examples of emails used

  • Subject Lines and success rates

  • 3-Part Win-back Campaign

  • Charts and comparisons of results

Download the case study here and apply these techniques to your business.


Topics: Customer Retention, Best Practices

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