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2017 December Checklist

Posted by Polly Flinch on Dec 5, 2017 2:37:37 PM
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Breathe a sigh of relief - you officially made it through November. You’re so close to that well earned vacation that I’m sure you can taste the piña colada on your tongue and the sand between your toes. Here are just a few more things you should do this month to finish out the year on a high note.


Chances are your site had a lot of new visitors, browsers, cart abandoners, and shoppers. Capitalize on this influx by serving relevant campaigns to these new audiences. Think about the following campaigns:

  • Category or product specific promotions to customers and visitors who browsed specific categories without making a purchase
  • Post purchase product recommendations to people who purchased during Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Thank You note to all of your big spenders during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday rush
  • VIP sales or promotions to your best customers and/or customers with a high future CLV

Take a look at your inventory - what do you have a lot left of? How can you push these products? What audience is this product best suited to? What are you running low on? How do you plan to redirect interested shoppers if you run out of this item?  Use the tools at your disposal and create a contingency plan based on what your actual inventory looks like - remember it's ok to be flexible.


Last month we provided you with a list of campaigns to run in December. Now is the time to put your final touches on those campaigns and set them live. To recap, they included:

  • Shipping reminders
  • Promoting gift cards to procrastinating shoppers
  • Buy online, pick-up in-store


Depending on what you sell - there’s a nice window from December 25 - December 31 to boost your sales. Whether you start running early January promotions or market to customers who maybe still need that perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, capitalize on this lull right after the holidays. And remember, mobile shopping is on the rise, so make sure your emails and site are mobile responsive to maximize these efforts.

You're almost there, so keep pushing! Don't forget to use all of the tools at your disposal - tweak existing assets rather than start from scratch, run cross-promotions against like audiences, double down on promotions that work, etc. Good luck and happy (almost) new year!

Topics: Holiday Marketing, Best Practices

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