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2017 October Checklist

Posted by Polly Flinch on Oct 3, 2017 9:28:51 AM
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It’s officially pumpkin spice season. All the Fall fanatics have pulled out their flannels and scarves and planned trips to pick apples, visit a pumpkin patch, etc. For retailers, October is your final month of prep before the holiday season truly kicks off. Here are the four things you need to do this month.


Using your plan from September, create your campaigns and schedule them. Make sure to schedule your November campaigns and prep your December campaigns (see below for a few November campaign ideas). For each campaign you will need:

  • Email content and subject line
  • Hero images
  • Social images
  • Segments associated with each campaign
  • Direct mail campaign (if applicable)

As always, make sure you’re optimizing your campaigns for mobile.


For any new technology platforms or vendors that you’ve decided to adopt, you should be in a place to finalize implementation. Once implemented, make sure to test your new technologies and ensure they’re working correctly. The last thing you want to do is realize something is broken or you’re not comfortable with your new tools in the middle of November.


Decide what success this holiday season looks like and how you’re going to measure it (think beyond just revenue). Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Revenue lift (avg. revenue lift with predictive marketing 20%+)
  • Drop in bounce rate (all that optimization of your site should pay off here)
  • Increase in AOV (make sure you’re recommending the right products, onsite and via email)
  • Increase in New Customers (what’s your plan to acquire new customers?)
  • Increase in Retained Customers (you’ve acquired some net new customers, great! Now what’s the plan to keep them?)


Continue hiring and training - make sure your team is ready for an influx of requests, questions, and customer service needs.


  1. Leak the Sale (Sneak Peek, VIP, Shopping Events)
  2. Geography Based Promotions to Drive In-Store Traffic (if applicable)
  3. Gift Guides - include fastest rising products,top products from last year, and products that go hand-in-hand with your top products from last year.
  4. Charity Partner Promotions (if applicable)
  5. “Beat the Rush” promotions for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  6. Predictive Gifting - help your customers buy the right thing each time
  7. Social Advertising - target last year’s buyers, create lookalike audiences based on your best holiday customers, etc.

Download the 2017 Holiday Planner for access to campaign examples and ideas, the rest of the monthly checklists, tips, a printable calendar, and more.

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