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2018 Holiday Marketing Predictions

Posted by Joy Ugi on Oct 23, 2018 9:39:47 AM

With consumers starting their holiday shopping as early as October, it’s important to understand the retail trends that will shape 2018 holiday eCommerce.

Understanding what may happen can help you plan your campaigns more intelligently. And it can help you remain flexible when major fluctuations or trends happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for these 2018 email marketing predictions coming true.

Mobile Commerce

The little computer that sits in all our pockets has changed the world. And when it comes to email marketing, people aren’t just using their smartphones to research purchases anymore.

In fact, on Cyber Monday 2017 mobile claimed a third of online purchases. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t claim the same - or even more - of the traffic this year on the same day and throughout the entire season.

Your job to make the most of this is to invest in mobile-optimized email marketing and a killer mobile website on which subscribers can convert.

Same-Day Delivery and Free Shipping

Instant gratification is catching, at least that’s what we predict most consumers will take the bait on in the 2018 email marketing season.

What that translates to is same-day delivery. And while this feature isn’t anything new to holiday emails, the how and when you offer it is. In the past, it’s been common for most retailers to offer this specialty on certain days of the holiday season and the last week before Christmas, we predict this year it will be more often.

How often? We can’t be sure. You’re the one - along with other eCommerce players - who will decide. We just know consumers will eat it up.

They’ll also be your best friends if you offer free shipping, which we predict will be another hit this holiday season with eCommerce marketers.

Again, we’re not talking about free shipping thrown in here and there. We think a lot of retailers will offer this pro bono feature for at least half, if not more, of their email marketing promotions.

Most companies are counting on online sales to continue their upwards trajectory and offset the loss of the shipping dollars.


Many experts said the 2017 holiday season would see a huge uptick in people looking for gifts not just for loved ones, but for themselves, as well.

We’re betting this self-gifting trend will increase even more this year.

There’s just no better trend for eCommerce marketers to take advantage of. The benefits are twofold: You makes sales during the holiday season as people buy gifts for the special people in their lives.

But you also set yourself up for post-holiday email marketing success by creating wishlists and self-gifting messaging that convert those same buyers.

It’s a win-win.

Conclusion: How Will You Handle the Amazon Effect?

Brick and mortar retail locations will certainly see their day in the sun this holiday season. But we all know eCommerce bears the brunt of the money-making brawn, as it has for much of the recent past.

Our 2018 email marketing predictions focus on the three top trends we’re positive will shape this year’s holiday season.

You need to decide if, how and when you’ll use them to drive success for your company.


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