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5 Top Campaigns for Home Retailers

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on May 2, 2016 9:30:00 AM

ThinkstockPhotos-486862124.jpgWe are approaching the end of Spring and heading into Summer and what retail category always comes to mind?  HOME!


That’s right, whether people are busy in the summer moving craze, fixing up their yards, head-deep in home improvement projects, or simply styling their summer beach house - it is that time! Your retail sales should be starting to skyrocket in the housewares, furniture, home decor and home improvement departments.

Because this is such a crucial time of year in these categories, we've put together a list of campaign ideas to help drive revenue this Spring and Summer. There are many ways to implement these campaigns for both online and brick and mortar stores. Think about pulling these ideas into your predictive marketing, customer segmentation, lifecycle marketing, product education campaigns and more.

1. DIY

ThinkstockPhotos-460139129.jpgIt’s trendy and it will give you an opportunity to enhance your customer’s relationship with your products through educational email campaigns. Also, when you show that your products can be used in DIY projects, you can boost customer engagement on social media platforms by encouraging them to share their final product.

2. Before and After Makeovers

Visually show your customers what they can do with your home-related products. If you have real examples of how others have transformed their space with your products, put it on display in your campaign! Not everyone is a visionary, so give them a good idea of how they can use as many of your items at once to make a big difference.

3. Trends

Just like clothing, every part of the home, especially the Home Decor category, has changing seasons and trends. Highlight new collections and segment to specific customers.Target_Ad.jpg

4. Showroom

Think Ikea or Target, like in the example here. Create a display or a scene involving your products and showcasing the feelings that you would like your customers to associate with them. Don't just sell a chair, sell a dinner party with all the good things.

5. Show Value

This doesn't mean to shout sales and discount. Think about home improvement and how you can convey the worth that your products will bring to your customers. For example, show how an upgraded kitchen, with beautiful new appliances and countertops, will increase the worth of a home, and therefore, is a smart investment.ThinkstockPhotos-506014816.jpg

These are a few campaigns ideas that you can start implementing for your home decor, housewares, home improvement, furniture, and other retail categories. We highly recommend pairing these types of campaigns with specific segmentation as well as predictive marketing algorithms to make the most for your marketing dollars this season.

Learn more about how to implement these data-driven email marketing techniques here.

Topics: Best Practices, Email Marketing

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