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5 Ways to Rock Customer Retention with Social Media

Posted by Carrie Nyden on Jul 25, 2013 4:49:00 PM

One of Windsor Circle’s 9 Pillars of Retention Automation is “Earn the Right to Engage.” So you may be scratching your head and trying to figure out, “How should I engage them?!”

Here are a few retailers that are rocking the social space. Take some tips from them:

1. Be unique

This one can’t be hit home enough. The eCommerce space is becoming more and more competitive. If your branding is important, make sure you work to make your brand one that people remember and want to engage with.

Check out the Naked Cowboy munching on some delicious Chocomize chocolate!

Check out the Naked Cowboy munching on some delicious Chocomize chocolate!


2. Post what your customers want

Yes, you have awesome products, but your customers want to be a part of a community that extends beyond the products. They want to see useful posts that show you care about them.

As you can see with these posts, Show Pony knows their customer base and caters to them. They have a great mix of product recommendations and fun, light-hearted posts.


EliteFTS does a great job of providing a variety of useful content for their athletic-minded customer base.


3. Have conversations

Customers will come to you with concerns, questions, suggestions, and more. Don’t leave them hanging. Address their concerns, answer their questions, and thank them for their suggestions.

If you check out Chocomize's Twitter feed, you'll notice they interact with their customers and make sure they are keeping them happy.


4. Reward engagement & make it fun

Are your customers sharing their love for your company non-stop? Show them some love and surprise these advocates with some kind of gift, whether it’s a few freebie items or a discount on their next order, they will appreciate it and keep spreading the love. Another idea is to simply feature their posts on your page or retweet their shoutout.

Show Pony - engagement

If you use #SHOWPONYFASHION, your very own pictures will show up on the front page of their website (see above), as well as in their "Selfies Gallery" (see below) on their Facebook page. 


5. Host contests

We all love free, yet meaningful gifts. Figure out what your customers want and run a contest. Have them take pictures and share them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Make sure they use some fun hashtags too!

Encourage and reward your customers with contests like Chocomize has done.

 True Lemon shows how to incorporate coupons and specials on their social pages, so customers are enticed to follow them.


Now that you've seen some great examples, go have fun and get your customers engaged!

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