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7 Reasons the Windsor Circle Development Team is Kicking Butt

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on May 8, 2015 2:59:00 PM

Windsor Circle Development Team

For most of us who do not speak the developer language we can feel in the dark about what really goes on within software engineering. Lets take a look into the Windsor Circle department and see where the magic happens.

After interviewing many people who are part of the team, these are the 7 key themes.

1. Serious Experience

  • Senior Level engineers & data scientists from Cisco, LSSI Data, Accenture, & Intuit 
  • More than 80+ years of software engineering experience with managers

2. Leadership

  • Chris Humphres, CTO, not only has 20 years of software success under his belt, but his team thinks he is pretty great to work for as well.
  • One of the first employees at LSSI Data
  • Allows lots of autonomy
  • Ensures little bureaucracy and very efficient to work with
  • Involved with team, knows everyone personally, what they are working on and struggling with
  • Watches out for his team
  • Takes honesty and integrity very seriously
  • Good at running interference
  • Not quite an extrovert, hands-off management style; he checks progress but does not micromanage.
  • Easygoing, fact based and can sniff out BS


3. Personality of the team:

  • Quirky and VERY intelligent
  • Well rounded (interests outside of work). Don’t live and breathe code.
  • Competent (many people said they never worked with a team at this level)
  • Direct, to the point, with a fair amount of good natured teasing 
  • High level of trust both professionally and personally
  • When someone says they are going to do it. They do it.
  • Honesty, reliability and integrity

4. Fast-Pace

  • Culture: “Incredibly fast and agile” for a development environment - Get tasks on Monday, Check in Wednesday, and update accomplishments Friday. This is a very fast cycle for development, so work is challenging and intellectually stimulating
  • Always working on something new
  • Speed and variety of tasks - you do not get pigeonholed into what you always work on.

Winsdor Circle dev team in the American Underground5. People

  • Wide variety- people came from LSSI, Cisco, Accenture, civil engineering, Iron Yard, Duke, NCSU, UNC, and more
  • Roles On the Team
  • Database architect: Rob
  • Ignition, pulls all aspects together: Jason,
  • Architectural decisions & The Heavy when you can’t get things to work: Sean
  • Back End team - code and build out new ESP and eCommerce solutions: Ruthan, Dakota, Andy, and Caleb 
  • Front End Team - Windsor Circle App masters and new product features: Ben, Tam, and Brett
The three seniors, (Jason, Sean, Rob) are “killer” I have a lot to learn from them. I have grown professionally and it is so valuable” - Dakota

6. Growing Rapidly

  • New positions opening up each month. See all our open positions.
  • Expanding in the following areas: Quality Assurance Engineering, Data Scientists, IT, Database Architects, Front End and Back End
  • Opportunities for senior level engineering roles, mid-level and internships

7. Challenging:

  • In a good way! Working on the development team is intellectually challenging. Most developers (including ours!) are motivated by technical challenges, they do not want to just move widgets around, so they get to work on building something new and finding better solutions.
  • Intellectually challenging work that is flexible, allows for creativity in how to arrive at solutions
  • Fast-paced, always learning and working on a new project

Overall, the consensus of the group is that Windsor Circle a is fun place, full of challenging work with a fast pace. This team is full of passionate problem solvers so it’s no surprise that this team can’t stop growing!

Check out our open positions here: WindorCircle Careers

Learn more about some of the individuals on this team here:
Baby Tam LyMeet Tam Ly, Front End Developer








Ben McCormick Senior Front End EngineerMeet Ben McCormick, Front End Developer













Interested in joing Windsor Circle's Development Team?

Here at Windsor Circle we're always looking for top talent that's excited to kick butt! Click the button below to see all the job openings currently available.


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