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7 Ways Health and Beauty Retailers Can Use Browse Abandonment Data

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Jan 12, 2016 10:30:00 AM


What is Browse Abandonment?

Browse Abandonment refers to “window shopping” online. When people come to your site and view different products, their site behavior is tracked and customer profiles can be created. Working with technology like Windsor Circle enables you to unlock this information and target visitors who browse your website, but do not put products into their shopping cart or make a purchase.

Assuming you have access to browsing data, we will talk about tactics to use in the health and beauty industry for creating browse abandonment campaigns.


1. Exact Item or Category

Don’t over think it. Especially with beauty products, people typically want the exact item they look at, so give them what they want! You need to make note of the types of product inventory, because with some items it will make more sense to market the exact product and for others category recommendations are more appropriate.

  • Example: If someone browses a black, waterproof mascara, they are most likely only interested in that color and type. If someone browses hair brushes, they may be interested in seeing the whole category of products.


2. Hot Combos

This is short for hot combinations, which are products that are typically sold together. These recommendations can be a huge revenue driver in the health and beauty industry. When triggering your browse abandonment emails, you can dynamically introduce “hot combos” as suggested products to purchase together as well as “Other people also purchased ___.”



3. Bundle

Bundling is not to be confused with hot combos or similar products, this is actually giving an incentive or discount for when a certain group of items are purchased at the same time.

  • Example: If you are selling vitamins you could offer a promotion if someone bought a specific grouping or “cocktail” together.

4. Cross-sell Accessories

You can cross-sell accessories related to the browsed item across product categories. With health and beauty, it is common to mix categories and use this to introduce the customer to another product line.

  • Example: A browse abandonment of anti-aging skin cream (skin care category) can lead to promotions on anti-aging shower products (bath), or even anti-aging supplements (healthcare/vitamins).


5. Offer Samples

Especially for the beauty industry, consumers are used to being able to touch, feel and smell products. With online retail, this can be a disadvantage, so samples may be really effective to encourage trying new products. Browse Abandonment campaigns can offer samples of the exact products abandoned or use samples to encourage cross-selling, new products and recommended additions.


6. Pay Attention to What is Browsed (Needs vs. Wants)

The health and beauty category encompasses a huge variety of products and many of them fall distinctly under wants or needs. Understanding your catalog and how to market for each of these groups is essential.

  • Example: If someone is buying medication, they most likely need that exact product and will either buy from you or go to a competitor. With many beauty products and supplements, people are more likely to impulsively add or walk away. With browsed products that are needs, make sure to discount or follow up with the exact or similar product and use the wants as product add-ons, bundles, or recommendations.


7. Instructions and Expert Recommendations

This has more to do with product descriptions. Just think about the famous back of the shampoo bottle trick! “This product is most effective when used in combination with _____” or “For best results make sure to start with ____.” When triggering an email about a browsed product, be sure to include tips in the product description to help market other products. You can also leverage an expert in your health or beauty niche to offer the recommendation.

  • Example: Quoting a dermatologist or a hair stylist on which products are recommended together.


Browse abandonment campaigns can result in added revenue and new customers for health and beauty retailers. Want to learn more about building these types of campaigns? Download this free guide to Browse Abandonment.

To learn about next steps like automatic replenishment campaigns and predictive lifecycle marketing programs, feel free to set up a time to walk through your business goals with the Windsor Circle team.


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