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An Email for Every Occasion

Posted by Enelda Butler on Jun 22, 2016 11:14:23 AM
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If you have a large product offering, it may occasionally be overwhelming for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Sometimes you’ve got to do the work for them by personally leading potential buyers to their next purchase. Product recommendations are a great way to curate items that your audience will likely need or have an interest in.


A gift guide is a collection of product recommendations that makes sure your customers are prepared for upcoming events or holidays by showcasing your seasonal items. The guide can include your top products from the holiday last year as well as similar new arrivals. Or to take this further, you can create a more detailed gift guide, broken down into different product categories and highlighting nontraditional or unusual gifts as a way to make the shopping experience quick and simple.


Newegg creates gift guides for multiple occasions to let their customers know what relevant items they have to offer. Here are just a few examples.

In the world of electronics, the Super Bowl and Father’s Day give Black Friday a run for its money. Since this is right up Newegg’s alley, they were able to capitalize on these two events by running special promotions.




Electronics are also popular gifts for graduations. Because these events normally take place around the same time as Father’s Day, Newegg combined its Father’s Day and Graduation gift guide into a single email, serving as a reminder for both occasions for consumers.




Additionally, tax season is a common time for big ticket purchases, like computers or televisions. To take advantage of this trend, Newegg ran a sale that included discounts on some of their most purchased products, as well as tax preparation software to ensure that procrastinators beat the April 15 deadline.



While these emails are great, they would be supercharged if the recommendations were personalized for each customer. Dynamic product recommendations based on purchase history or buyer demographics are a great way to create more relevant and engaging content. Learn how you can get started using data-driven product recommendations in your own email marketing campaigns.


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