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An eTail East 2015 Recap

Posted by Chelsea Raegen on Aug 19, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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wickedsmahtguy2The Windsor Circle team is back in the office after spending the week with over 900 "Wicked Smaht Mahketers" in Boston during eTail East. eTail events offer a unique setting for us, not only do we get to meet new folks in the retail industry, but it's intimate enough that we get to see old faces, too. Building on those relationships is all part of eTail's theme, Transforming Retail. Together.

We started the week off on Monday by sponsoring and hosting a roundtable at the Email & CRM Summit where, Account Executive, Sam Sager teamed up with Jim McNamara, Digital Marketing Manager at Aubuchon Hardware (one of Windsor Circle's successful clients). They met with over 60 retailers and reviewed key strategies for retaining customers during the quickly approaching holidays.

As someone who is in the marketing department for a platform that helps retailers with customer retention, I was pleasantly surprised to sit in on a few sessions that featured retention as a big portion of their presentation. Here are a few key takeways:

  • "Growth is about retention, not acquisition." - Eldar Sadikov, Founder & CEO of Jetlore
  • "Top performing companies generate more revenue from repeat customers." - Eldar Sadikov, Founder & CEO of Jetlore
  • "The key to repeat revenue is customer LTV." - Eldar Kadikov, Founder & CEO of Jetlore
  • "The Trifecta of Growth = Acquisition, Experience and Retention." - Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing or MyBinding.com

And overall, "Challenge old thinking, take risks, embrace change." - Jason Goldberger, President of Target.com & Mobile

The remainder of the conference was spent in the exhibit hall where we were handing out our "Wicked Smaht Mahketer" T-shirts left and right while sharing our expertise on retention. 

P.S. Congrats to Mary McCleaft from David's Bridal. She was the big winner of our Apple Watch giveaway. She rocked our "Wicked Smaht Mahketer" shirt on the show floor for a chance to win.


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