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Anniversary Emails: The Unofficial Win-Back Campaign

Posted by Enelda Butler on Feb 19, 2015 3:55:00 PM
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By now you likely know the importance of win-back campaigns in retaining customers and driving revenue. But in addition automated win-back emails, there are other messages that can be sent to potentially churning customers. Anniversary emails are a way to reach customers regardless of whether they’ve repurchased recently. These “unofficial” win-back messages make the customer feel special and let them know that you value your past business.

MyBinding sends this anniversary email one year after a customer’s first purchase, regardless of whether they’ve made another order in that period of time. This message has the subject line, “A Special Gift for Your Anniversary.” It thanks the customer for their original purchase and includes a 15% coupon as an incentive to motivate another purchase.

This message has a 15.9% open rate and a 1.3% click rate, which is a more than 250% increase in engagement when compared to promotional emails MyBinding sent during the same timeframe. A version of the message is also sent to newsletter recipients on the anniversary of their subscription, which has yielded similar results.

These messages build on the success of MyBinding’sthree-part win-back series for customers who have not made a purchase in several months. The first message is sent four months after the purchase, the second if the customer hasn’t purchased in eight months, and the third message is sent twelve months after the initial purchase. The messages all include a 15% coupon to entice a customer to purchase again.

The win-back series is the most profitable automated campaign that MyBinding is currently running. In fact, these three emails account for 44% of MyBinding’s total revenue from Windsor Circle automated emails. In fact, MyBinding is on track to make more than half a million dollars in a year from data-driven lifecycle marketing.

Download the full case study for more information on how MyBinding is using automated campaigns to drastically raise customer engagement.

Topics: Best Practices, Email Marketing

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