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Customer Retention. Automated

They're Not Dead Yet | Predictive Churn in Online Retail

Posted by Gabi Huiber on Jul 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

The Problem

The typical retailer’s relationship to her customers is that they can show up to buy something at any time, and she has no way to tell when they stop for good. Customer churn, in her world, is guessed, not observed. This is different from the case of a cell phone service provider whose customers pay their bill every month at the same date, and they call to cancel the service before they stop paying.


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New Partnership with Avalara

Posted by Gautham Pandiyan on Jul 25, 2016 9:30:00 AM

At Windsor Circle, we are excited to help our eCommerce clients streamline processes & grow their business as a whole. Realizing that we can't meet all of our clients' needs, we have been putting together a roster of best-of-breed technology & agency partners to refer clients to.


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The Top 50 Automated Campaigns

Posted by Polly Flinch on Jul 20, 2016 10:56:47 AM

As retailers’ marketing strategy evolves, the foundational triggered campaigns may not cut it anymore. With access to data, retailers are in a unique position to enable advanced segmentation to create triggered emails that speak to key customer segments in a personalized, automatic fashion. 


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Making Room for Retention

Posted by Enelda Butler on Jul 7, 2016 9:40:06 AM

Many retailers focus a large portion of their marketing spend on acquisition. But what good is pouring money into an acquisition strategy if 4 out of 5 customers never return for another purchase?

The goal when you gain a customer is to at least ensure they pay back their customer acquisition cost. In the long run, acquisition ends up being more expensive than retention.


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Celebrate Your Customers

Posted by Enelda Butler on Jul 1, 2016 2:05:59 PM

Every customer wants to feel special.  As an online retailer, your email marketing campaigns should be personalized and targeted enough to accomplish this goal. Celebrating your customers not only makes them feel appreciated, but also strengthens the B2C relationship. By showing that you value their business you will also likely increase customer loyalty and retention.

There are many ways to reward your purchasers, such as special discounts, VIP gifts, and exclusive events. In this blog, we’ll look at the top three celebratory email campaigns.


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