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Predictive Marketing: Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

Posted by Gautham Pandiyan on Oct 31, 2016 11:57:37 AM

According to a Forrester Report, “Predictive Marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average.” Likewise, Salesforce Marketing Cloud found that 79% of top-performing marketing teams are using Predictive Intelligence to inform their marketing communication and strategy. 


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Holiday Planning: Your November Checklist

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Oct 31, 2016 10:59:16 AM

It’s go time!

November is already here, which means two of this biggest shopping days of the year are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now's the time to take your planning from September and October and put it all into action. This month, focus on launching some key campaigns to prepare your customers for the holiday season and get them to your checkout!

Read on for more tips about the campaigns that will make the most out of your holiday shoppers.


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Not All Integrations Are Equal

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Oct 25, 2016 2:55:10 PM

Whether you’re coordinating after-school carpool or deciding where this week’s post-work happy hour is, one thing is always true - communication is the key to success.

And for marketers, communication doesn’t just apply to human interactions. In today’s data-driven, hyper-personalized, consumer-focused marketing world, eCommerce retailers rely on an endless number of tools to keep track of key data - onsite analytics, purchase history, inventory management, campaign performance - and the list goes on.To get the most out of your tools, they need to talk to one another. Just like forgetting your neighbor's kid in the carpool line, poor communication can have some serious consequences.

We sat down with our co-founder and CTO, Chris Humphres, to break down Windsor Circle’s data integrations and how retailers can leverage them to make the most out of their eCommerce and ESP platforms.


Holiday Planning: Your October Checklist

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Oct 21, 2016 12:15:14 PM

Welcome to October! While your customers are pulling out their fall sweaters and making trips to the pumpkin patch, it’s time to set up your marketing tools for execution. This month will be all about getting started with your promotions. We’ve compiled our tips for the best ways to make the most out of October!


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Content Marketing: A Solid Strategy Impacts Customer Acquisition & Retention

Posted by David Stone, ROI Revolution on Oct 11, 2016 10:21:00 AM

With the holiday season gearing up, now is the perfect time to talk about implementing an effective content marketing strategy. The most exciting part about content marketing is that, if done well, it can have a huge positive effect on both customer acquisition and retention.


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