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Are you Recommending the Right Products to Customers in Holiday Email Campaigns?

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Oct 8, 2013 5:11:00 PM
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Buffalo Jackson Automated Product Recommendation EmailsIf you like leather satchels and other "classic American clothing and leather goods for the rugged gentleman", then you'll love Buffalo Jackson.

And if you're one of Buffalo Jackson's existing customers, you'll love the way they recommend products via email.  I wanted to showcase one of the automated product recommendations they are sending out using their eCommerce purchase history data, imported into their email software by Windsor Circle. 

It's getting an ongoing 81% open rate and 34% click rate.  Those are great numbers to boost holiday revenue and beyond.

The email is triggered 1 day after a customer purchases a Riverton Padfolio, and recommends the Riverton Bag to go with it.  There's a compelling offer, too: $50 off the bag. 

Buffalo Jackson has astutely learned that the lifetime value of customers who buy multiple, matching products from similar brands tend to come back for more. And the more they buy, and wear, the more loyal they become.  Now that Buffalo Jackson has made money off of the Padfolio purchase, they can afford to provide an aggressive offer for the bag because it increases retention and long-term customer value.

These kind of automated, personalized product recommendation email campaigns are essential to run during the holidays, and throughout the year.  People are much more likely to be free with their wallets (for both gifts and personal purchases) during the holiday season, and sending them a very specific product recommendation ensures the email stands out from the crowd.  The 81% open rate attests to that.

Learn more about in our automated product recommendations whitepaper.

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