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Automated Emails Create 1.5% Conversion Rate for Wing Supply

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Oct 12, 2012 9:27:00 AM
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Wing Supply is an online retailer of hunting supplies and equipment. Chad Walker, a Marketing Manager at the company, recently set up two sets of automated emails to touch customers with relevant promotions.  His first is a Welcome Series, and the second is a Win Back campaign for customers who have not purchased in a long time.  Combined, these campaigns have a 1.5% conversion rate and a 38% open rate. Let's take a look at what Chad has done to generate such great results!

Welcome Series

Wing Supply's Welcome Series is a set of three emails for new customers who have just made their first purchase. 

  • "Welcome to Wing Supply" email is sent 5 days after someone's first order. It offers them 10% off their next purchase, and simply says "thanks" for the customer's business. First name personalization is used, and the email is signed from Chad.
  • "About Wing Supply" follows 10 days after the first purchase, and shares some of the things that make Wing Supply a great place to buy from. Chad talks about the company's return policy, shipping rates, customer service, and "Wish List" feature. He also reminds the customer of the 10% coupon previously provided.
  • "Hot Items" are shared in the final email of the series 17 days after the first purchase. The campaign reminds the customer of the 10% coupon, and features two items (one expensive, one inexpensive) that are popular with Wing Supply customers.  Again, Chad uses first name personalization and signs the email.

You might think that a new customer who just purchased is unlikely to buy again so soon after their very first purchase. That seems like a reasonable assumption, yet Wing Supply has a...

  • Conversion Rate - 1.6% (based on number of recipients)
  • Open Rate - 44%
  • Clickthrough Rate - 5%
  • AOV Increase - 40% higher

...across the entire Welcome Series! People do repeat purchase quickly!  Even if people don't buy, they engage - and reinforcing your store's brand for a new customer has tremendous long term value to the relationship.  Plus, look at the increase in AOV. That's fantastic! Bear in mind, all of the emails are automated. Chad spent time setting them up, and now's he's finished. He periodically goes back to check on campaign performance and edit content, but he has a steady revenue stream generated by a retention marketing program that requires very little work.

Win Back Campaign

Wing Supply also has an automated retention campaign for people who have not purchased in 10 months.  On the exact day 10 months from their most recent order, Chad sends a "We Miss You" email with a 15% off coupon. The design is simple; the call to action is clear.  Again, this is an email that Wing Supply designed once, and it then runs on autopilot.  As you can imagine, the results are excellent:

  • Conversion Rate - 1.3%
  • Open Rate - 25%
  • Clickthrough Rate - 6%
  • AOV Increase - 48% higher

Not only do those results far exceed industry averages, consider to whom Chad is marketing. He's targeting lost customers who have not purchased in ten months. However, they respond to a personalized and compelling subject line, good call to action, and a reasonable (not crazy high) discount. You would expect this audience to have poor engagement, and the small amount of revenue created to be "nice," but not all that interesting. But again, your expectations would be incorrect. The AOV for the Win Back campaign is 48% higher than the company's typical AOV. When you factor in the conversion rate, AOV, and Chad's time investment to run this retention marketing program, this is a no-brainer for Wing Supply.

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