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Big Ups to NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Aug 24, 2011 9:53:00 AM
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In every community, there are a few people and organizations that make significant contributions to the growth of some mission. To the startup community in Raleigh/Durham, NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners are two of the key organizations to which this area owes much of its success.

NC IDEA is a nonprofit that twice a year gives grants (not equity, not debt, not in-kind services....straight cash) to North Carolina based startups that are committed to growth. This money has helped many local successes like Spoonflower, StatSheet, Argyle Social, Oncoscope and Spring Metrics get started or complete an important project. In addition, the rigorous selection process forces many entrepreneurs to better understand their target markets, financials and products.

IDEA Fund is a venture capital firm that has backed local companies like iContact, Axial Exchange, Argyle, StatSheet, Oncoscope and Windsor Circle. In a world where many "seed-stage VCs" never actually invest in seed-stage companies, IDEA Fund actually does. It has consistently put money into pre-revenue companies, and is willing to take the risk alongside the entrepreneurs.

So today, when we celebrate "NC IDEA and IDEA Fund Partners Appreciation Day," we at Windsor Circle give a hearty "thanks" to Lister, John, Dave and Andrea. Thanks for your continued support of this community, and also for your belief in a pre-product, pre-revenue company like Windsor Circle.

-Chris, Scot, Matt and Brad

P.S. The early deadline for the Fall grant cycle at NC IDEA is Friday! You better get to work.

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