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Bring Out The Irish In All Your Customers

Posted by Enelda Butler on Mar 10, 2015 3:36:00 PM
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On the surface, St. Patrick’s Day may not seem like a major holiday for online retailers. However, online sales for this holiday have steadily risen in the past few years. In fact, US consumers spent $4.8 billion during this time last year.Although, it’s not as big of a gift-giving time as Valentine’s Day or the winter holidays, there is still a valuable opportunity to reach out to customers and drive sales during the month leading up to March 17.

We've reviewed hundreds of emails sent by retailers between February 15 and March 17 to find examples of great St. Patrick’s Day themed email marketing campaigns, and we’d like to share some of the best ones below.

This email from InkPixi was sent on February 28 with the subject line  “Don't Get Pinched - Get A Green "Pub" Shirt.” It highlights the Irish themed products that the company offers and suggests that consumers customize these gifts. By sending the email three weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, InkPixi allows enough time for customers to get their items personalized and to receive them before the holiday.

Ink Pixi.PNG

Chowdaheadz sent this email on March 4 with the subject line “It's your Lucky Day! We've got St. Patrick's Day Gold.” The company is based in Massachusetts, which is the state with the highest Irish population, so St. Patrick’s Day is a high priority season for them. Because of this, they have a lot of products specifically designed for the holiday to include in their email promotions.


Some retailers, like Chowdaheadz and InkPixi, have products that lend themselves well to St. Patrick’s Day purchases. For retailers that do not, it’s beneficial to develop creative ways to showcase products that may not immediately come to mind for consumers when celebrating the holiday.

For instance, online glasses store Peepers sent this email on March 10 with the subject line “Happy St. Patrick's Day - Featuring Peepers Green Style.” The email features glasses that are the color green, and one pair specifically designed for the holiday. The email plants the seed in customers’ minds that they can celebrate the holiday with a nontraditional product.


Similarly, Lily Pulitzer sent this email on March 9 with the subject line “St. Patrick's Day the Lilly Way”. Although they do not produce any themed items for this holiday, this email highlights some of the green apparel they offer. The text of the message remains consistent with the overall image of the brand, “For one day only...green is the new pink.” This message lets the consumer know that there’s more than one way to celebrate this holiday, and that they can include Lily Pulitzer products in their celebration.>

Lily Pulitzer.PNG

Finally, you don’t have to highlight a specific product to encourage customers to purchase for St. Patrick’s Day. Maker Shed includes a special promotion, a $10 discount, to motivate consumers to make an order. The email was sent on March 17 with the subject line “It's the Luck of the Irish at the Maker Shed! Use Your $10 Coupon Today!” The discount expires quickly, which encourages the customer to purchase in a relatively short timeframe.


There are many non-traditional holidays that retailers can capitalize on after the Winter and Valentine’s Day rush. Attend our webinar: Predict Their Gifts: Super Moms, Dads & Grads to learn how you can supercharge your revenue by making the most of Spring gifting holidays.

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