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Browse Abandonment Campaigns for the Holidays

Posted by Polly Flinch on Oct 6, 2015 1:42:17 PM
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97% of website visits results in 0 transactions¹, that's a serious amount of revenue that is left on the table. There's always an uptick in web traffic during the holiday season, in fact, as consumers become more comfortable with smartphones, site traffic, product research, and purchases via mobile are expected to rise 32.2%². This begs the question, are you capturing onsite and browse behavior of your known and unknown customers? 

Tracking Onsite Behavior

A recent study by Experian, saw a 4x lift in transaction rate and a 6x lift in revenue per browse abandonment email when compared to promotional emails³. Being able to track onsite behavior is key to a successful browse abandonment campaign. Windsor Circle's Behavioral Track & Trigger Suite allows retailers to track known and unknown visitors. Let's take a look at how this works for unknown visitors: 

How Browse Abandonment Campaigns Work


As you can see above, an anonymous user visits SummerCamp.com and is assigned a unique customer ID. This visitor comes back a few more times to look at products from backpacks to hiking boots, all of which are added to the user's profile. 

How Browse Abandonment Campaigns Work


On the 13th, this user comes to the site one more time and signs up for the newsletter, the email is added to the profile and we learn that this user is Paul. Now that we have access to Paul's email address, a browse abandonment series is triggered based on the products or categories he viewed over the course of the past two weeks. 

How Browse Abandonment Campaigns Work

Get Ready for the Holidays Request a Demo Today >>

Browse Abandonment Email Tips

  1. Browse Abandonment Email ExampleDon't Be Creepy: Customer's know they're being cookied on most, if not all sites they land on, but it doesn't mean they like it. Make sure your email is helpful and friendly without feeling too Big Brother-ish. 

This email by Wasserstrom does a great job of cutting to the chase and putting a helpful spin on the whole experience by creating a curated list of the visitor's recently viewed items. Things to note: great hero image, CTA "Continue Shopping" located above the fold in a very visible location.




  1. Browse Abandonment Email CampaignsDynamic Recommendations Are Your Friend: We're not mind readers, even if we want to be. As a retailer you only know what a visitor views, not why. Maybe they haven't found exactly what they want, maybe they're doing a price comparison, who knows. Enabling dynamic recommendations, based on the product or category, will dramatically increase the likelihood that the visitor will purchase something. Bonus: the visitor will view your email as being more helpful, ultimately strengthening your relationship. 

William-Sonoma leverages product recommendations in their browse abandonment emails to allow customers to learn more about related products. Notice, the language they use, "Explore These Customer Favorites." This is genius because it helps the visitor to understand that these products are highly rated by other William-Sonoma shoppers as well as similar to what they are looking for. Other things to note: great use of a product image above the fold, as well as "Thanks for Stopping by" language. 

  1. Browse Abandonment Email ExamplesCreate A Sense Of Urgency: Simply sending browse abandonment emails is a great start; however, think about using specific language to create a sense of urgency to buy. External urgency (introduced by the retailer) can help motivate customers to complete their purchase. 
    PacSun leverages this technique in the email on the right. They do a great job of showcasing the viewed items to help trigger the visitor's memory and pairing it with the statement "These items are selling fast. Take another look at the items before your size runs out."

Make sure you're ready for the holiday rush by enabling Behavior Tracking and Browse Abandonment Campaigns. Request a demo to learn more about these campaigns and get started tracking onsite behavior today. 

Download the holiday eBook for more tips, tricks, and best practices to implement this holiday season.


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