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Celebrate Your Customers

Posted by Enelda Butler on Jul 1, 2016 2:05:59 PM
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Every customer wants to feel special.  As an online retailer, your email marketing campaigns should be personalized and targeted enough to accomplish this goal. Celebrating your customers not only makes them feel appreciated, but also strengthens the B2C relationship. By showing that you value their business you will also likely increase customer loyalty and retention.

There are many ways to reward your purchasers, such as special discounts, VIP gifts, and exclusive events. In this blog, we’ll look at the top three celebratory email campaigns.


Birthday Emails

Birthday emails are an extremely simple way to get great opens, clicks, and conversions. Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, so make sure you are waiting in their inbox to help them celebrate the occasion. The optimal time to collect a customer's birthday is when they first sign up for your newsletter. 



This message from Half Price Books is a great example of a birthday reward. The email is simple, with a clear call-to-action. It offers the customer a discount on their next order, and clearly states the expiration date of the incentive to motivate the purchase more quickly. The subject line is also personalized with the customer’s first name to add a special touch.


Anniversary Emails

Anniversary emails are another campaign that can give customers a personalized, celebratory experience. These emails are a way to reach customers regardless of whether they’ve repurchased recently. Anniversary messages can serve as “unofficial” win-back messages to remind customers about your brand and let them know that you value their past business.




MyBinding sends this anniversary email one year after a customer’s first purchase, regardless of whether they’ve made another order in that period of time. This message has the subject line, “A Special Gift for Your Anniversary.” It thanks the customer for their original purchase and includes a 15% coupon as an incentive to motivate another purchase.


Best Customer Emails

Your best customers are the small group that are most valuable to you over time based on frequent purchases with a high order values. Since these are your most loyal customers, you should not treat them the same as your other buyers. You can take this even further and set up email campaigns with special rewards just for the most exclusive part of this group.  




POS Supply uses our Custom Segment Builder to find their purchasers with the highest Customer Lifetime Value (greater than $1000) in the last 6 months. Once customers hit this threshold, they are sent this email offering them a free gift to reward them for their patronage of the brand. The message doesn’t explicitly state what the gift will be, which creates an element of surprise and anticipation for the customer.


On top of these campaigns, be sure that you have a post-purchase series to thank your customers for each purchase. The more you show appreciation to your customers, the more they’ll appreciate you.


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