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Critical Cart Recovery Opportunities for the Holidays

Posted by Enelda Butler on Nov 13, 2015 1:15:55 PM
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We’ve previously discussed why cart recovery is an essential email campaign for retailers this holiday season. This year it is projected that retailers will make more than $600 billion in revenue from holiday shopping, and many of these transactions will take place online.[1] Although online shopping is reaching all-time highs, many consumers leave retail sites without ever making a purchase.  In fact, online retailers lose nearly $4 trillion worth of merchandise each year due to cart abandonment.[2]

It is absolutely critical for retailers to not only have a cart recovery email series, but also make sure that these messages are optimized for the greatest impact.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your cart recovery campaigns to make sure you have the proper email cadence. During the holiday season, you should change the timing of your cart recovery emails to be closer together. Additionally, make sure that you are reaching out to customers who abandoned carts on Cyber Monday and the weeks leading up to the holidays on a more frequent basis.

General Cart Recovery Timing Recommendation

Email 1: 24 hours

Email 2: 3 days

Email 3: 7 days

Holiday Season Cart Recovery

Email 1: 1-3 hours

Email 2: 1 day

Email 3: 3-6 days

Black Friday through Cyber "Tuesday" Cart Recovery

Email 1: 1 hour

Email 2: 8 hours

Email 3: 1-2 days


For an example of a holiday cart recovery cadence, let’s take a look at Paul, a new customer at SummerCamp.com.



Paul received SummerCamp.com’s 3-part Welcome Series and one of the dynamic product recommendations included in the email caught his eye. Being the savvy shopper Paul is, he abandons his cart in the hopes of receiving another discount code. Because SummerCamp.com uses a cart recovery solution with anti-gaming technology, Paul is served a new set of cart recovery emails that do not include discount codes. Paul then completes his purchase at full price.

It’s imperative that you enable cart recovery campaigns in order to bring iffy customers back to the site to complete a purchase and capture data on visitors who haven’t made a purchase yet. But with the increased holiday website traffic, all data-driven lifecycle campaigns are important to strengthen the customer/retailer relationship. To learn how to optimize your holiday email campaigns, download our 2015 Holiday eBook.

To get started with leveraging cart recovery messages this holiday season, request a demo of our Cart Recovery solution.


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