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Customer Engagement World 2014

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Jul 18, 2014 10:32:00 AM
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Windsor Circle is excited to announce that we are exhibiting at Customer Engagement World 2014 in New York, Nov 5-6, and can’t wait to hear from a great selection of over 60 expert speakers.

CEW will tackle the difficulties involved with customer engagement and steer companies in the right direction for how to connect with customers. By covering topics including unifying your brand across all channels, personalization, using data and analytics, and creating customer loyalty, CEW is the place to learn how to collect all the tools needed for creating a relationship with customers. 

A few of the sessions we’ll be sure to catch are:

Using Analytics to Inform Your Customer Engagement Strategy

This session discusses the importance of analytics because of its ability to reach customers based on their previous engagement with a company. By analyzing a customer’s behavior, a specific strategy can be put in place to market directly to that customer. Attendees will learn about current trends in analytics and how to apply that information to increase customer interaction.

Windsor Circle knows first hand what a big difference using analytics makes. With help from the Windsor Circle team, CoffeeForLess learned the importance of data driven marketing by reaching out to consumers based on their behavior. By using Windsor Circle's analysis of customer retention metrics, CoffeeForLess was able to determine the best timing for win-back campaigns, which products to recommend in post-purchase emails based on product data history, and segment customers through analytics so that best customers, new customers, and churning customers would receive emails specified for them. This data driven life-cycle marketing is now resulting in additional revenues of over $1 million per year.

Content Marketing Strategy: Successfully Engage & Retain Customers

You don't want to miss this session where you'll hear about the top 10 things to know in order to build an effective content marketing program. Sandra Fathi, President of Affect will discuss how to use original content to build loyalty with consumers and reach target audiences. 

We helped evo, outdoor lifestyle retailer, not only solve a problem involving high returns on ski boots, but also get important content on their site changed from ignored to read. As it turns out, the high return on ski boots was due to the difficulty of trying them on at home. So by grabbing already existing content containing information on how to try on boots from their site, which was being overlooked, and sending it directly to the consumer after a purchase, evo was able to more effectively interact with their customers, resulting in a the reduction of returns and increased retention. Thanks to the use of content marketing evo is just one success story of this strategy, but we're sure there will be many more examples in this session.

Personalization: The New Gold Standard for Online RetailCustomers want personalization. By recommending specific products or sending relevant content to the consumer, a company is able to emotionally engage its customers and build brand connection. Trying to interact on a personal level with customers can be tricky, especially across multiple channels, but with the right tools it can be one of the best techniques to create loyal customers.

We saw just how big of an impact personalizing content can have when Working Person’s Store made over $500k in 6 months by following pillar #5 (help your customers enjoy more) from our 9 Pillars of Retention Automation. Working Person's Store sent product recommendations, hot combo emails, and custom promotions that would be relevant to each of their customers. By creating a unique experience applicable to the individual customer, Working Person's Store succeeded in personalization, a strategy that every company should learn how to implement.

Customer Engagement World 2014 November 5-6 in New York, NY. Find out more here.

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