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Data-Driven Marketing Solves Luxury Retailer Challenge

Posted by Mallorie Moore on Dec 15, 2014 3:42:00 PM

The Challenge

As eCommerce presences throughout the luxury industry accelerate, luxury apparel retailers find themselves with a unique challenge: How do we create a tailored experience to our brand loyal customers, via the click of a button? More so, how do we deliver a curated experience that mirrors the traditional in-store experience, without point-of-purchase face time?

Marketers ask themselves these questions with one specific goal in mind: to increase customer retention and, therefore, drive revenue.

Because of the nature of the industry, these questions are often difficult for luxury marketers to answer. The marketing strategy requires more sensitivity to customer relationships than in other industries, based on a few key findings:

  1. Luxury consumers demand authentic, personal interactions. They expect to share memorable and meaningful engagements with the products and services to which they are loyal. Similarly, luxury consumers feel a sense of ownership in the brands they identify with.
  2. These consumers psychologically desire particular lifestyles and experiences. It’s important to understand that for these shoppers, perceived product value increases over the lifetime of the product, making it very important for luxury retailers to stay engaged throughout the customer lifecycle, not just at point-of-purchase.
  3. Luxury consumers identify with product authenticity, and consequently lose interest in brands when they become overexposed and fall mercy to brand dilution.

So how do luxury retailers deliver the same compelling customer experience in an online setting, and continue to develop unique relationships, so customer retention is achieved?

Targeted email campaigns are a proven way to engage with your customer base. These engagements involve personalized interactions, allowing loyal relationships to be formed, and then retained.

The Solution

In brief, here are just a few ways luxury apparel retailers will strengthen customer retention by including retention automation in their email marketing strategy:

  1. Thank your customers by triggering post purchase email messages, increasing customer lifetime value.
  2. Identify your best customers based on product, purchase and customer data or an RFM analysis, and reward them to strengthen customer loyalty.
  3. Target churning customers through win-back and cart recovery campaigns, to earn profitability on otherwise lost sales.
  4. Personalize your email marketing campaigns with automated product recommendations based on previous purchase behavior.

The Result

By leveraging product, purchase and customer data in email marketing campaigns, luxury marketers will increase retention rates and customer lifetime values, and engage in long-term customer relationships, which will reveal vast unforeseen amounts of untapped revenue.

Our 9 Pillars of Retention Automation framework help marketers plan and implement retention marketing campaigns through key stages in the customer life-cycle. Build the 9 Pillars of Retention Automation into your marketing campaign and start retaining customers today.

Luxury retailers, are you ready to drive increased sales and brand loyalty through eCommerce and email strategic integration? Your complimentary walkthrough is just a click away.

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