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Data re: Opt-In Lightboxes for Retention Marketing

Posted by Matt Williamson on Dec 6, 2012 9:40:00 AM

I was speaking with some customers about the best practice of using email opt-in light boxes.  They very intelligently asked, "Great idea.  Can you give me some hard numbers and data on that?"

To which I said, "yamma, yada, blah, blah" because I realized I'd never done the hard work of collecting data points on this.  Thanks for calling me on this Eric and Joe.  One of our Windsor Circle principles is "facts, not claims," and you royally busted me on not having the facts:

So, without further ado...  here are some publicly available case studies:

  • The Email Guide, Jeff Ginsberg
    • ~400% increase in Opt-Ins
    • Zero (0) complaints
  • Monetate Blog, Peter Borden
    • Client performed 50% / 50% split test (with and without lightbox sign up form)
    • 100% lift in opt-ins
    • 2% higher AOV
    • 3.4% lift in Revenue
  • Retail Touchpoints, Alicia Fiorletta
    • Godiva achieved a 1,076% increase in email capture
    • “We were afraid that the lightbox addition potentially would drive customers away,” Nathan said. “With this test, we were able to see, in fact, the exact opposite result.”
  • Bronto Blog, Emily Keye
    • Anonymous client saw 2,671% increase in  new subscribers per month

In my web research, I didn't come across negative examples (as marketers seem to be concerned about poor user experience) but I would be open to those if readers can post links in the comments section.

We continually see experts in the field of email marketing recommending the use of light boxes, but it's nice to have some hard facts here.  We often recommend this to our clients, so perhaps we'll ask them to start capturing the before and after stats so that we can add to the data in the blogosphere about this (hint, hint Eric and Joe!).

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