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Design Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Sep 1, 2015 10:37:00 AM


Screen_Shot_2015-08-28_at_10.02.08_AMHolidays 2015 : What's behind the pretty email?

So you finally got someone to open your email, now what? Emails need to be eye-catching, informative and engaging to start. There also has to be a clear goal or call to action. Whether it is brand awareness, promoting sales, or simply showcasing products, you must have a REASON that is more specific than just getting customers to buy more.

Once you narrow down the purpose of the email, then you need to create a roadmap that is designed to get your customer to follow through to the specific goal.

Here, we will look at retail examples of effective holiday emails and why they are successful.

Tweaking Email Design for Different Segments



  • Do not change everything, just what is needed!
  • Keep campaigns consistent so you can measure success
  • Use color to showcase and highlight main points 
    • Free Shipping
    • Sale
    • Now through Tuesday
    • Use product images

Scream Value with Design 



Whether you want to showcase coupons, gift cards or just simply scream deals, there are ways to do it and keep your brand looking sharp.

  • Make the value statement clear
  • Use numbers: $99 & Under, $25 OFF
  • Free shipping messaging should be front and center

Show Off Your Products


TeeTurtle gets amazing open and click rates on their campaigns. They allow their customers to see an assortment of products and showcase them as a visual gift guide based on who their customers might be buying presents for.

  • Show your unique products
  • Make suggestions, then make it easy for your customers to find gifts
  • Cross-sell similar items for the season (See Example 1)
  • Create a sense of urgency by showing a calendar of products

Simple Can Make a Statement


So you're a luxury brand, and you do not like to promote sales and discounts:

  • Keep it simple, clean and to-the-point, which gives more importance to the message 
  • Quailty over value works well with recognized brands and luxury lines
  • Symmetrical and simple pallet
  • Do not always sell right on the email; it is also a place to introduce reasons to check out more items
  • Gift guides are a great way to engage your customer to take a deeper look at your products with out showcasing too much in an email

Get Creative! Let Your Products Tell the Story


People respond more to images than text, so using creative ways to illustrate your message with your products can make an impact. Get away from stock images and use your own goods!


In Conclusion:

Although it seems like it was only yesterday when you were still dealing with Christmas clearance, the holidays are already around the corner once again. This season when customers open your emails, you want to ensure you have intentional thought in the layout and design. Hopefully these examples provided some inspiration to drum up some engaging and eye-catching campaigns for 2015.

Download the free eBook below to learn more about holiday email cadences, key segments, and ways to get the most out of your promotions. 

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