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Earth Day Marketing

Posted by Amy McCarthy on Apr 20, 2015 12:37:00 PM
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Earth Day is just around the corner, and it's a great time to emphasize to your sustainability initiatives to your customers. Whether your consumers are earth-minded year-round or not, they'll be hearing a chorus of environmental messages around Earth Day.

Here are a few tips on joining the choir:

First, emphasize items that are environmentally friendly. A growing number of consumers are interested in all types of sustainable products, from clothing, to bedding, to furniture.  Earth Day is the perfect time to bring your sustainable products to the forefront. Many companies offer environmentally friendly products year round, but the month of April is when they advertise it heavily and remind consumers of their commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, items used to promote Earth Day should be clearly sustainable. This year, Target will be giving away "Earth Day bags," which are reusable bags that every consumer will receive while supplies last, and Lowe's will be giving away one million trees.

Take full advantage of social media. Green consumers are typically educated about products, and they want to learn more about your products and how they are made. By connecting with them, you can give them the information they seek and build a relationship through the common goal of using sustainable products. Using Facebook and Twitter is a great way to connect to consumers and keep them informed. Walmart has taken the idea of social media a step further by having an entire section of their website dedicated to sustainability. This not only promotes their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products, but also hosts articles, videos, and tips for how to practice a green lifestyle.

Encourage and reward green behavior. Online retailers can show their green side in a variety of ways:

  • Create a "carbon-offset" policy, to donate a share of profits to tree-planting organizations in an amount sufficient to offset the carbon generated by shipping of products.
  • Give customers the option to "round-up" their purchase or add $1 to donate to an environmental organization.
  • Feature organic, recycled, fair-trade, or other sustainable product lines, or offer discounts or other incentives and rewards to those who shop green.
  • Send big purchasers a special green gift which can help them reduce their environmental footprint - stainless steel mug, reusable bag, energy efficient lighting, vegetable seeds, etc...

Don't forget that Earth Day promotions go substantially further when your business regularly practices sustainability. Consumers want to feel good about the decisions they make, and knowing that they are purchasing items from a eco-friendly business will go a long way in creating loyalty. Let consumers know that your celebration of Earth Day is a reflection of your company's values. This is the perfect time to not only create green consumers, but gain some already green consumers as well.

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