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eTail West 2015 Recap

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Feb 26, 2015 10:37:00 AM
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In anticipation for eTail West, over 600 attending retailers were surveyed on which technology areas they are considering investing in. 75% indicated they are looking to spend portions of their budgets on personalization solutions along with 65% stating they are on the search for data and analytics solutions.

Catering to the most sought after solutions, eTail West provided a stage where retailers could learn how to harness their data and provide personalized experiences for their customers. As Cindy Go from Staples explained, “personalization is a requirement.” Here are a couple takeaways from the event that provide a sense of encouragement when moving toward the personalization element of your business.


During the panel session, “Transforming Through Disruption,” Meera Bhatia (Stella & Dot) shared with the audience her experience with creating curated shopping experiences for customers and noted that more and more retailers are using this approach by putting their data to use and personalizing each element of the brand their customers interact with. Consumers are no longer okay with the batch and blast mentality when it comes to marketing, they are expecting those personalized experiences and if they don’t receive them from your store, they will go elsewhere. Katja Schurtenberger (HP) added to the conversation by encouraging retailers to think through the eyes of the consumer. Imagine how you want to be treated as a consumer yourself and treat your customers this way.


During the keynote “Innovations in Personalization: Improving the Customer Experiences Through Data-Driven Messages,” Cindy Go (Staples) and Graeme Grant (Demandware) explained how Staples was able to revolutionize its weekly email newsletter by utilizing many different data points, predictive analytics and omni-channel data to treat their customers as if they know who they are. But, for the smaller retailer, a little data still goes a long way. Graeme and Cindy offered a number of unique data examples retailers could use as they strive to fuel personalization:

  • Website click stream
  • Email activity
  • Returns
  • Store POS purchases
  • Customer reviews
  • CRM data
  • Specific items purchased
  • Coupons used
  • Time of purchases
  • Average prices of items purchased


Windsor Circle’s own VP of Marketing, Andrew Pearson took the stage during the main conference with client Cortney Wright from Artbeads.com, a niche online arts & crafts jewelry retailer. Cortney walked the audience through a variety of real-life examples Artbeads.com takes to engage customers with sophisticated personalized, predictive marketing. From an attendee’s standpoint, a campaign that stood out the most were the behavior-triggered automatic emails Artbeads.com sends out to customers who purchase crimp tubes or crimp tools. This is not the normal cross-sell or coupon email most consumers receive, they instead focus on educating the consumer on a product they just purchased. Not only are these emails educating the consumer on how to use a new purchase, it also proves Artbeads.com is using data to be efficiently educated about their customers. Artbeads.com sees a staggering 76% open rate and a 26.4% click through rate on their education emails.

Windsor Circle participated at eTail West with a booth in the exhibit hall and hosted a roundtable during the Email Summit where our team talked to many retailers who were eager to learn more about automating their marketing with personalized and data-driven campaigns. Three of Windsor Circle’s clients were on the speaking line-up ready and willing to share their efforts so far.

Download the EVO case study to learn how this ski and snowboard shop uses product education emails to boost engagement.

Download the MyBinding.com case study to learn how one of the world’s leading online sources for binding equipment leverages automated Replenishment and win-back emails to increase customer engagement by 400%.

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