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Customer Retention. Automated

Every 48 hours

Posted by Mallorie Moore on Mar 16, 2015 11:16:00 AM

“Every 48 hours, the amount of information shared is more than that from the beginning of time to 2003” – Ekaterina Walter.

…Therefore, you MUST stand out.

As our marketing team reflects on the number of insightful sessions from last month’s HighFive Conference, we’ve considered how each of the key takeaways affects the rapidly advancing retail marketplace, and how you should use them to stand out.

Top five takeaways from High5 2015:

1. Hone in on your authentic brand DNA; determine how to best present its customer centricity.

Determine what makes your brand authentic, and make those integral components of your DNA known to your customer. The more customer centric your focus, the deeper your customer relationships develop. Start creating dialogue between your brand and your customers, and show them that you know and understand them. Easily integrate customer data from previous purchase history into your email marketing to show your customers how well you know them. Use predictive analytics to determine what your customer wants to learn about next. Is it the latest in product development? Is it a product recommendation based on a previous purchase?

2. Shift from push vs. pull to symmetry.

Over the past decade, we’ve watched the customer transform the marketplace. What began as a drastic change from retailer-push to customer-pull has evolved into a more equal relationship between the two. Achieve this symmetry through constant dialog with you customers. Continue to let them shape the way in which you develop and market products, but start engaging in more personal, relevant conversations as well. Using product and purchase history to make personalized product recommendations and to remind your customer when they are due for refills, are two easy ways to automate symmetric engagement.

3. The further along the customer journey, the greater the need for personalization.

Treat your best customers like best customers, and don’t overlook the power of your biggest spenders. These loyalists are the ones who are fueling your business, so curate a top-notch experience for them. Easily accomplish this by segmenting your customers who have made 3 or more purchases, and give them the VIP treatment: reward programs, personal shoppers, personalized product recommendations (based on purchase history), special coupon codes, etc. And, at the very least, ALWAYS call them by their first name by pulling this data field into your subject lines or email bodies.

4. Shift campaigns and taglines to personas and painpoints.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You aren’t expected to individually do this for each customer, but you should consider how the different segments of your customers function. Expect different user types to exist, and determine how you are going to tailor the eCommerce shopping experience around each of them. This includes marrying content with context: strive to deliver content that is more relevant and connected to each customer. Whether this means grouping together all customers who have purchased ski boots in the last 3 months and sending them a how-to guide to alleviate difficult home try-ons, or simply making holiday recommendations for your last-minute shoppers, you must act on who needs what, and when.

5. Always track engagement data and pathways to conversions.

Actively track your customers’ engagement and conversions with your content deployment. This will help you determine the sweet spot for each of your customer segments, so that you are getting the retention rates and ROI you deserve. Try A/B testing your email marketing subject lines and/or content to get the best read on what makes your customers tick… and click.

Find out how Windsor Circle clients are already integrating these five key lessons to stand out amongst competitors and unveil untapped revenue; request your FREE demo of our solution today.

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