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ExactTarget President Demos Windsor Circle App on New HubExchange Marketplace

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Jul 15, 2013 9:50:00 AM
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It's not every day that the President of a publicly traded company with thousands of clients demos your app to a live global audience in a major company presentation.  On July 15, 2013, ExactTarget President of Technology and Strategy Scott McCorkle unveiled the new HubExchange App Marketplace, a comprehensive marketplace where marketers using ExactTarget can find apps, data solutions, and integrations from a range of vendors, including Windsor Circle.  View the recording of McCorkle's presentation here (the Windsor Circle demo starts at the 9:55 min mark).

In a global webcast, McCorkle showed how an ExactTarget client would browse the HubExchange marketplace, highlighting Windsor Circle's Retention Automation app, demonstrated how to install the app, and showed how a retail client would leverage the customer analytics dashboard component of the app through a single sign-on experience. 

Said McCorkle during the live demo, “this application gives customers access to advanced ecommerce analytics directly from within the interactive marketing hub, and automatically imports data into ExactTarget from popular ecommerce systems like Magento, Yahoo shopping, Shopify, and more.”

Windsor Circle featured in ExactTarget HubExchange

ExactTarget’s HubExchange marketplace was made available to ExactTarget customers on July 15, with dozens of launch events, both live and online, listed at HubExchangeWeek.com (which featured a hero shot of Windsor Circle's app on the homepage!). Windsor Circle's 9 Pillars of Retention Marketing Automation Webinar on July 17th at 2pm EST is part of  the HubExchange Launch Week events, and will include a short demo of Windsor Circle's app within ExactTarget.

The Windsor Circle Retention Automation Platform constitute 11 of 59 inaugural apps available within the HubExchange marketplace that ExactTarget clients can download and use directly within the Interactive Marketing Hub. Among the 11 inaugural apps by Windsor Circle are 9 pre-packaged integrations between ExactTarget and some of the most popular eCommerce platforms: 3dcart, AspDotNetStorefront, BigCommerce, Channel Advisor, Magento, OrderMotion, Shopify, Volusion, and Yahoo Stores.

“We can see a lot of great native capabilities in the Windsor circle application: analytics which are pre-built eCommerce reports right within the hub that are acting on all this rich eCommerce data,” explained McCorkle during the demo. “Windsor Circle also provides out-of-the-box segments to help you identify customers in a variety of categories, including high value, biggest spender, one time purchasers, and multiple purchasers.“

Our general "Retention Automation Platform" app allows retailers to use Windsor Circle's Data Feed to connect any other eCommerce software, including custom, home-grown, or in-house platforms, to ExactTarget. ExactTarget customers can also download Windsor Circle's Retail Customer Analytics app, providing access to Windsor Circle Analyze as a stand-alone product. 

With the launch of HubExchange Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Platform provides single sign-on access through an ExactTarget account. Windsor Circle's Apps enables merchants and online retailers to automatically export and analyze their customers’ purchase history and other data from their eCommerce platform, and instantly build highly targeted segments in their ExactTarget account.  Windsor Circle's dashboard includes over 70 charts, graphs and reports on customer retention metrics.   Initial set-up of Windsor Circle includes analysis and integration of historical order data, plus ongoing analysis and integration of retail data.  Windsor Circle imports and updates eCommerce data as custom fields within an ExactTarget account, and helps retail marketers implement incredibly effective one-time and automated email campaigns to increase customer retention.

According to the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) , global eCommerce sales will surpass $1.25 trillion in 2013, with 10-15% growth in the US. Adobe’s Loyal Shopper’s Report in April 2013 found that 8% of shoppers are responsible for 41% of eCommerce revenue. Online retailers require a growing degree of sophisticated techniques to properly market to, and retain, valuable customers.  Windsor Circle helps online retailers automate their retail intelligence and retention processes.  

“Our aim is to provide better segmentation, instantly, to retailers through powerful automation of ecommerce data analysis,” says Windsor Circle CEO Matt Williamson.  “Case study after case study has proven that this can drive enormous revenue for merchants.”

“Within days, our apps automatically populate a retailer’s ExactTarget account with highly targeted customer segments, including Best, Loyal, and Churning Customers, so they can send the Right Email, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers, using the Right Data.”

Windsor Circle Apps in ExactTarget HubExchange

Check out our new ExactTarget HubExchange Apps:



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