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Featured on Google for Entrepreneurs Website

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Jun 19, 2014 10:43:00 AM
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We're pretty excited to see our smiling mugs on the Google for Entrepreneurs website.

Matt Williamson, Chris Humphres, Andrew Pearson win Google Demo Day Pitch Competition for Windsor Circle

It was just a few short months ago - April 2014 - when Google for Entrepreneurs hosted the inaugural Demo Day at Google headquarters in Mountain View.  We joined 9 other start-ups from 7 coworking and accelerator spaces around North America that have partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs, to pitch Silicon Valley investors who might not otherwise get exposure to the entrepreneurial engines in cities like Detroit, Nashville, and Durham. 

I asked Matt, our CEO, and Chris, CTO, about their reflections of Google Demo Day 2 months out.  Here's what they said:

"The win at Google Demo Days was one of the shining moments of an exciting start-up journey at Windsor Circle.  There were so many good teams, and we were a wild card entry.  As a bit of an underdog, we felt like we had to really prove ourselves" said Matt Williamson, Windsor Circle's CEO.

"That said, that's what the start-up journey is all about.  High stakes, long odds scenarios where one has to rely on the strength and willpower of one's teammates.  When we saw the presentations from the other teams, we realized that everyone brought their A game... it was a very talented aggregation of entrepreneurs.  We were honored just to be there, but when our name was called as the Judge's Choice, we felt a tremendous rush of pride for having pulled it off and having shown well for our community at American Underground at Main, and for our city, Durham, the Entrepreneurial Hub of the South!"

Windsor Circle CTO Chris Humphres reflected that "being a part of Google Demo Day was just a surreal experience.  Google for Entrepreneurs and the American Underground provided an unbelievable opportunity for us to be able to compete with some of the top start-ups in North America." 

"It was an incredible honor and blessing to be named Judge's Choice and see the years of hard work being recognized outside of our community," said Chris. "Of course, the Durham community support has been awesome and we are thrilled to bring recognition back to our community that you can build an incredible company right here in Durham."


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