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Top Email Campaigns for Graduation

Posted by Laura Fasolak on May 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Graduation season is in full swing! Young adults everywhere are reaching some pretty major milestones - heading off to school, taking a gap year, or starting new jobs. And their friends and family are there to help celebrate them, with gifts in hand.


For most gifters, the gift of choice is cash to make the transition to the “real world” a bit smoother. So we’ve compiled some campaigns to help you take advantage of the season and bring in some revenue!

Make Shopping Easy

We’re always big advocates for helping your customers with their purchases by giving them product recommendations. This is especially important for graduation season. Often gifters are tempted to give cash because, well, they’re not sure what else to do! Helping them with that decision can have a major payoff.

Product Recommendations

Put That Cash In Your Pocket

Gift cards are possibly the easiest gift without being too impersonal. There’s a level of personalization that doesn’t come with cash when someone treats their grad to one of their favorite establishments. This is also a great strategy for reaching those last-minute customers, as many companies are able to send gift cards electronically. Dunkin’ Donuts uses some fun wordplay to bring in those gift card purchasers.

Gift Cards


Appeal to the Graduate

As grads are preparing for the next phase of their lives, they’ll be taking stock of what they have - and what they don’t. Many will need to furnish new apartments, update their wardrobe, upgrade or acquire new electronics, and the list goes on. Help them spend their newly earned graduation cash with you!

In this example, Ann Taylor takes advantage of the fact that for many students, graduation from school also means graduation from their "sweatpants and t-shirt" wardrobe.

Graduate Tailored Emails

Don’t Forget the Little Guys

For most of us, graduation season makes us think of those students going through major transitions to college or the “real world.” But there’s also a huge opportunity to reach a younger crowd that may be transitioning between grades and getting ready for summer vacation. It gives you the opportunity to reach customers who may want to give a gift in recognition for a year of hard work.

Target all the graduates


We’ve put together several resources to help you with your holiday marketing. Check out our Moms, Dads and Grads eBook to learn more to make the most of this season!



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