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Hidden Features of MailChimp - A/B Content Testing

Posted by Polly Flinch on Mar 6, 2014 3:30:00 PM
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Since the dawn of time (or at least the advent of Windsor Circle), we have heard people exclaim, "I wish MailChimp had A/B testing for email content!" Unbeknownst to 90% of the MailChimp using world, it does! The secret to possessing this widely sought after knowledge? One little blog post.

How does it work? Simple. Using MailChimp's advanced merge tags (don't worry they aren't scary) and the current A/B campaign set up.

If you have never set up an A/B test in MailChimp, when you create one, you will see the screen below. You can choose to test based on any of the three options. Here I selected "Subject" and I can either test two different subject lines or use the same one. Sending the same subject line would allow me to isolate differing content as my only variable.

MailChimp A/B Testing Windsor Circle Blog

Two things that should catch your attention in this image: the adjustable test proportion slider, and the winner option circled. The proportion is up to you; you could even test the full segment. However, for the winner option, you should choose "Manual" for content testing.

For the actual content test, check out this blog post for some advice on those nifty advanced merge tags, and enter a whole new world of testing different content, offers, or even images. For all you Windsor Circle users, this isn't even the best part, since the rest of the campaign set up is the same, we can test within our segments for better control in your mailing experiment!

The only downside to this feature, is that unless you spend countless hours, everyday, in MailChimp (at least I get paid for it?), then is it unlikely you would ever discover this gem on your own. So now you know - the whole world of testing is open to your heart's desires. Best regards and happy testing, MailChimp-ers!

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