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How to Create a Win-Back Campaign in MailChimp

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Jul 8, 2013 1:41:00 PM
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Windsor Circle helps online retailers leverage their eCommerce data in different kinds of targeted email campaigns. This week we explore the Win Back campaign.  See our growing list of Retention Marketing How-To Articles Here.

Introducing the Win Back Campaign

A win back campaign is a group of emails sent to valuable customers that have not engaged with you in some time and entice them to re-engage. Winning back lapsed customers and increasing the chances that they buy again is incredibly important for business: repeat buyers have an average customer value 4.8X higher than one-time buyers. Every online retailer should have a win back campaign that develops a re-builds relationship with lapsed buyers and converts them into renewed customers.

Developing a well thought out, step by step win back campaign will take a mix of creativity and data manipulation on the marketers’ side, but not winning back your lapsing buyers can have a big impact, leading to permanent abandonment. A well executed win back campaign can drive significant revenue and ongoing, automatic conversions.

Windsor Circle client Spangler Candy (makers of DumDums) seen their highest day of eCommerce sales ever with automated win-back email.

Whenever a customer drops from the 3rd quartile to 4th quartile for frequency (learn more about RFM analysis here), an automated email is sent to invite the customer to come back and buy again. Another Windsor Circle customer conducted a win back campaign recently that netted a 38% Open Rate, a 2.8% Click Rate, and a 12X increase in conversion rate over non-segmented emails. This amounted to an 8x ROI on their Windsor Circle subscription that month

Setting up the emails in your ESP is not that difficult. In today's article, we'll explore in detail the process of building a Win Back Campaign in MailChimp.

Win Back Campaign Set-Up

Using Windsor Circle’s eCommerce data integration to MailChimp, you can identify and target customers that have not engaged with you in some time and entice them to re-engage. This also works very well as an Automator.

Before building a Win Back campaign, you should build a Best Customer campaign since you will use the recency date you configured in that campaign as a starting point for this campaign. 

1. Start a new “Regular Ol’ Campaign”:

2. Select the list that contains your Windsor Circle data.  In this case it is WC All Customers list:

3. Narrow the list of customers with MailChimp’s segmentation tool. Set WC_Recency_Actual date to a time period before the best customer segment you set up initially.

The idea is to identify customers who have been valuable in the past, but haven’t engaged you recently but may still be receptive to an offer from you.

4. When you are happy with your segmentation, click on ‘next’ through to the Setup page:

If possible, Add Google Analytics in order to be able to track your conversions and where they came from.

Need more guidance? We a FREE comprehensive step-by-step guide on setting up a Win-Back campaign with Mailchimp that is complete with images, real life examples and best practices techniques for our visitors. 

Sample Win Back Email Content

From here on out, you only need to create the email itself and schedule the send.  Here’s an example of what a win back message might look like.


We miss you!  We haven't seen you around in a while and want to remind you of why BDHE is a great place to shop for home electronics.  We'd also like to make an exclusive offer to you as we've noticed that you have been a good customer in the past.

The benefits of shopping with BDHE:

  • We always offer free shipping on orders over $50
  • You get same-day shipping on items that are in stock
  • We ensure your satisfaction with a 30 day guarantee

To thank you for coming back and shopping with us we're giving you an exclusive 10% discount on your next purchase.  Simply enter the code WELCOMEBACK when you checkout to take advantage of our thanks to you. This offer expires at the end of July, so be sure to come visit us soon.

Thank you for your business,

John Q Public

From Concept to Action

In order to effectively set-up and seamlessly run a Win Back campaign, you'll need to conduct RFM analysis on your customer data to identify shoppers who are in the lower recency tier, and import the date of last purchase along with other standard customer information and email addresses on a consistent basis.  While there are a number of options to access your customer data in order to extract date of last purchase, such as custom built integrations, spreadsheet export/import or manual data entry, these options usually weigh heavily on the marketing budget and/or cost the IT department time and energy to produce. Windsor Circle allows you to access rich customer and purchase history data instantly.


New Call-to-Action
Once you get a hold of this data, don’t stop with a win-back campaign. We have free guides written for Replenishment, Segmentation & Post Purchase Thank you emails, check them out and get started today with lifecycle email marketing.


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