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How to Listen to Your Customers

Posted by Enelda Butler on Apr 11, 2016 4:07:54 PM
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800razors_nps.pngMen’s personal care is a relatively young industry online, but it is rapidly growing. In fact, there are 290 million people in the US who are of shaving age and that number is only increasing. 

800razors.com is an online retailer that disrupted the razor industry by accident. The idea began when the co-founders were on a business trip and the airline lost their luggage. They went to a nearby drugstore for replacement razors, and were shocked by the high price of razor cartridges, so they decided to do something about it. They created 800razors.com to provide high-quality razors and shaving accessories at a reasonable price.


800razors.com uses lifecycle marketing to deliver personalized and relevant messages to purchasers throughout their journey with the brand.


In this blog, we’ll focus on one of these campaigns, their net promoter score email, which contributes to increased customer engagement and retention.


Great retention marketing requires retailers to listen to the people they are marketing to, using triggered surveys, market research, data analysis, and more. This information provides valuable insights into customer behavior that can be used to guide business decisions like marketing, inventory, and customer services.


800razors.com automates a net promoter score email 20 days after a customer’s first purchase to find out what they think about the buying experience. The email asks customers how likely they are to recommend the brand and its products, which serves as an indicator of health for the business.


This survey email is part of Pillar 8 of the 9 Pillars of Retention, Listen to Your Customers. By asking for feedback, 800razors.com shows that it cares about its customers and values their opinions.


800razors.com Co-founder & CEO Phil Masiello explains, “For us, it's an indicator of how well we're doing with the customers. Because if they're not willing to recommend us to their friends or family, then we've got some work to do. But if they are, we want to keep tabs on that, and make sure that's growing.”


This message sees high engagement, with a 37% open rate and 5% click rate. As a whole, data-driven marketing has been very successful for 800razors.com. In fact, since employing a lifecycle marketing approach, they have increased repeat buyers by 83%.


To learn more about this retailer’s retention strategy, including email examples and results, download the 800razors.com case study.


Topics: Best Practices, Email Marketing

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