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I slept with 25 CEOs Last Night... For a Good Cause!

Posted by Matt Williamson on Jun 29, 2015 9:04:00 AM

Part of the Windsor Circle culture is to volunteer in our community on a regular basis.  

We'll have a "Team Day" post next week to share some volunteering and frivolity that our Knights and Ladies engaged in last week in our quarterly Team Day, but this post is about a really unique event that was sponsored by the United Way of the Greater Triangle called the CEO Sleepout.

United Way CEO Sleepout

CEO Sleepout Logo

Last night, 25 Triangle-based CEOs slept outside, on cardboard boxes on the soggy ground to raise awareness and money to fight poverty and homelessness in our community.  I joined the effort, as did start up CEOs Chas Scarantino of Magnus Health, Dave Hadden of Therasim, and Justin Benson of Spreedly.  It was powerful to see CEOs of companies large and small brave the elements and rough it for a night because they care about the communities around them.

Here's my bed for last night!

Cardboard Shelter


Herald Sun Article Features Windsor Circle

We were pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up to several friends emailing us saying that Windsor Circle was featured in the article about the event.

I think I'll break all kinds of copyright laws (the vagaries of which escape me) if I put the content of the article here, but you should read the article by clicking here:

"Triangle Executives Spend Night Putside, Raise Money, Awareness" - The Herald Sun

Why This Matters...  

We learned some hard stats last night and this morning.  I'll share a few here:

  • 2,000 homeless people sleep on the Triangle's streets on any given night. 
  • Approximately 40 of them die each year.
  • Over 203,000 people live at or below the poverty level in the Triangle. 
  • 65,000 of those are children under the age of 18.
Kevin Trapani of the Redwoods Group called us to action last night as we wrapped up and started to bed down.  He said that regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on, you cannot deny that there is less class mobility and more generational poverty than at any time in the last 75 years.  If we want a sustainable, just community for ourselves and our children, we must take action now.  We must choose to act consistently with our beliefs, and if we believe that having this many people stuck in poverty is dangerous and bad, then it's up to us to change the situation.
This morning, Mack Koonce, the new CEO of United Way of Greater Triangle urged us to join the fight and to help focus on moving people from "Poverty to Possibility!"


What Windsor Circle Is Doing About It!

We volunteer as a team on a quarterly basis as part of our team day.  One of the lessons I took from the various Executive Directors of the agencies that spoke with us is that it's much more helpful for a non-profit if a corporation can make a longer term commitment to the agency, versus showing up for a few hours one time as a large team.  We'll be discussing as a team if we can make this commitment and pick an agency for the coming 12 months to partner with.



Thank you to Family and Friends for Donating

I wanted to say a special thank you to those who donated to the United Way on my behalf, and helped me "earn" a box and a sleeping bag to ameliorate the difficult sleeping conditions.

I really appreciate your generosity and am excited about the difference that you are helping to make in our community!

  • Dara and Chris Edwards
  • Noreen Allen
  • Neil Bagchi
  • Lori and Steve Solvason
  • Amy Utberg
  • Franzi and Keith Rokoske
  • Sam Duffort
  • Heather Graham and Christopher Gergen
  • Erica and Ian Campbell
  • Marcello Levy
  • Tracy Jackson
  • Gary Galloway
  • Melissa and Michael Hudgens
  • Amy and Drew Cummings
  • Zack Mansfield
  • Katy and Tucker Bartlett
  • Sylvia and Fred Black
  • Aaron Houghton
  • Kelly and Tim Burke
  • Carol and Carl Chelette
  • Allison Phillips

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