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Inbound 2015 Recap

Posted by Enelda Butler on Sep 16, 2015 3:58:35 PM
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Last week several members of our marketing team had the pleasure of attending HubSpot’s Inbound 2015, the world’s largest conference focused on inbound marketing. Since we practice an inbound marketing approach, we all walked away with valuable insights from four days of jam-packed sessions, talks, and workshops. With a wide array of speakers and topics, the conference had something for everyone. Some of the lessons we learned are particularly relevant to marketers in the online retail industry, so of course, we’d like to share a bit of what we learned with you. Read on to see some of our favorite sessions from Inbound 2015.

Andrew Pearson, VP of Marketing

What was your favorite part of Inbound?

HubSpot Inbound is a great annual pulse check on the state of modern, digital marketing. It's a chance for B2B marketers to come together and share insights, questions, and lessons. Content marketing is being widely adopted, which means that it is more important that your content is relevant, timely, unique, and targeted to a clear persona or segment.

What was your favorite session?

Craig Miller, the CMO of Shopify, gave a compelling talk about the growing importance of the "buy" button. Shopify and Demandware, two Windsor Circle partners, now have direct integrations with Pinterest that allow a retailer to add a "buy" button to any pin of a product, which allows the shopper to purchase that item quickly—and the retailer still gets all the order and customer data. This is a key step in advancing mobile commerce, and is a reflection of the growing engagement that shoppers are having with retailers’ mobile sites.

Aviva Imbrey, Marketing Communications Specialist

What was your favorite part of Inbound?

It was great to learn how the entire inbound philosophy can be applied to sales and marketing to change the traditional buying and selling experience to a more insightful and beneficial process for both ends. I loved all the speakers—especially Marc Maron, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti, Aziz Ansari, and of course, Amy Schumer!


What was your favorite session?

My favorite session was with Sophia Amoruso, the Founder of Nasty Gal. She offered some valuable advice for retailers by stressing how much Nasty Gal treats their customers like a community. She said Nasty Gal actually has two types of customers: their online buyers and their employees. She even made the decision to step down as CEO earlier this year to become more customer-focused.

Enelda Butler, Inbound Marketing Associate

What was your favorite part of Inbound?

Inbound 2015 was such a great learning opportunity for me. I enjoyed hearing from so many other marketers about the strategies and tools they use to optimize their communications efforts and make their brands stand out. I also loved the emphasis on effective storytelling, which should be at the core of any interaction that your company has with its customers.


What was your favorite session?

One of my favorite sessions was a talk by Sonia Simone of Copyblogger Media on the intersection of content and social media. Specifically, this session detailed how to use these channels to support your overall marketing strategy. Social media is wonderful for customer engagement, and also one of the best ways to promote your content. Therefore, you should be tailoring and optimizing your content to be shared via social media platforms.

Polly Flinch, Content Marketing Manager

What was your favorite part of Inbound?

Inbound 2015 is a fantastic conference that brings together like-minded marketers who follow the "Always Be Helping" instead of "Always Be Closing" mentality. From star-studded keynotes to kicking back with a drink on the rooftop of Legal Harborside, this conference is one that every digital marketer should have on their radar.


What was your favorite session?

One of my favorite sessions was by Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20, on how to set up a Marketing Hackathon. Every marketing team has big goals and sometimes you need to act quickly and flexibly to meet your goals or support other initiatives within your organization. A Marketing Hackathon is a great way to come up with three actionable and measurable ideas to help your team hit their goals.

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