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IRCE 2016, a Preview from Windsor Circle

Posted by Chelsea Raegen on May 17, 2016 11:48:46 AM
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IRCE_Booth_Team.jpgIRCE is upon us yet again and along with our growing booth, we’re excited to help attendees learn how to grow their customer retention rates. That’s right, we’re expanding our kingdom and with that comes the opportunity to provide you with more ways to learn about predictive lifecycle and retention marketing and how it can impact your business.

But wait, what’s a conference without swag? In addition to the massive amount of information you’ll gain at IRCE we’ll also send you home with premium swag. What you end up with depends on you! Check out everything we’ve got going on below and learn how to earn CLV Coins to spend at our on-site store, the Windsor Circle Bazaar.


What are we giving away at the Windsor Circle Bazaar?

Green Pants, notebooks, flasks, t-shirts, our very own board game, and lots of products from our clients, like a Fin Fun mermaid tail! There’s a ton to choose from and no boring pen to be found. You might want to bring an extra suitcase.


irce-demo_1.pngShake Hands with Customer Retention

Want to learn if we’re right for your eCommerce store? We’ll quickly introduce you to Windsor Circle and help you discover how we could help you see an average 17% lift in retention rates like many of our clients. It only takes a few minutes to learn how we can help you increase revenue. Schedule an introduction here.

Bonus: Complete an introduction and earn 30 CLV Coins to spend at the Bazaar. Pre-register by May 30 and you’ll earn 40 CLV Coins.

Retention Health Check

Find out how much revenue you’re leaving on the table by not deploying specific lifecycle and retention marketing campaigns. We can offer you easy-to-understand numbers that directly relate to your key eCommerce data points. We’ll provide a comprehensive list of specific campaigns that you may be overlooking as well as how much revenue you could expect to gain. Schedule your FREE health check here.

Bonus: Complete a health check and earn 30 CLV Coins to spend at the Bazaar. Pre-register by May 30 and you’ll earn 40 CLV Coins.

retailertalks.jpgSpend Some Time with Leaders In Your Industry

Forget the huge sessions with hundreds of attendees. Spend some more intimate time with retailers from your industry during our Retailer Talks. Learn about success they’ve seen by utilizing marketing campaigns designed to increase existing customer engagement. Choose from 6 retailers and reserve your seat here.

Bonus: Attend a Retailer Talk and earn 20 CLV Coins to spend at the Bazaar.

Party With the Team in Green (and Orange!)

We’re excited to be sponsoring Avalara’s Avatopia. Enjoy a night in Avana during the hottest IRCE event!

Date: Wednesday, June 8
Time: 9pm to 12am

Location: Carnivale, Chicago


Bonus: Attending Avatopia will earn you 10 CLV Coins to spend at the Bazaar.

We’re Giving Away $1,500

We’re hosting three $500 giveaways! Here’s how to win:

  • Did you snag a pair of Green Pants last year? Wear them to our booth on Tuesday, June 7 at 5 pm. Sign up now for a packing reminder.
    • Bonus: Not only will you get a chance to win $500, but you’ll also earn 10 CLV Coins to spend at the Bazaar.
  • Are you already a Windsor Circle client? Either bring your Green Pants or stop by our booth for a pair before Thursday. Wear them to our booth on Thursday, June 9 at 1 pm.
  • Neither of the above? That’s ok! Earn enough CLV Coins to redeem for a pair of Green Pants from the Windsor Circle Bazaar and wear them to our booth on Thursday, June 9 at 1 pm.

These are all live drawings, you must be present to win!

irceflashmob.gifWe’ve Got a Secret and We Want to Let You In!

Last year we had more than 100 people come to our booth wearing their Green Pants and we want to take it a step further. Green Pants or not, come to our booth on Thursday, June 9 at 1 pm to be a part of our IRCE flash mob! View the dance here and start practicing your moves.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Chicago. We’ll see you at booth 1737!

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