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Key Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns for 2014

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Sep 23, 2014 4:41:00 PM
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Target One-Time Buyers from 2013

Many retailers pour asubstantial amount of marketing effort and budget on customer acquisition during the holiday season. And hopefully, they see a sizable return.  But many of those shoppers only make 1 purchase, andnow that it's almost December 2014, this segment hasn't spent a dime with you for up to a year.  If there were evera time to re-kindle the love, and try to raise the lifetime value of these customers, it is now.

Customer Segments

  • Customers who Purchased between 10/1/2013 and 12/31/2013 AND
  • Customers who have only ever made One Purchase

Basic Strategy
Catch them early, before other retailers' acquisition efforts capture their wallets.  We recommend a 4 part email campaign starting the end of October, every 7 days but it's not too late to start now. If you use a discounting strategy, you might further segment by excluding shoppers whose order value was less than a certain amount, or excluding people who used too large a coupon. Try an early-bird offer or a free gift with purchase by a certain date.

Advanced Tactics
If you want to get advanced, you could leverage their actual purchase information and include a reference to the highest priced item they bought last year, with a message like "Last holiday season you bought {Product Name}. We hope it was enjoyed!  Perhaps you'd like to buy another as a gift, or for yourself? Or, "Check out some other great gift options!"

Check out our predictions and analysis for 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday and we discuss email strategies for the 2014 holiday season in our "How to be a Holiday Marketing Ninja" webinar.

Targeted Emails 2013 Last Minute, Big Spending Shoppers

There are procrastinators, and then there are holiday procrastinators.  Those members of the latter group who shopped with you last year are quite likely to do it again this year.  So treat them like the procrastinators they are and tee up a series of emails that go out starting about 12/10.  You'll want to exclude people who do actually make a purchase.

Customer Segments

  • Customers who Purchased between 12/17/2013 and 12/24/2013, AND
  • Customers whose holiday purchase(s) was more than a certain dollar amount
  • Schedule series of 3 emails to go out 12/10, 12/15, and 12/20/2014
  • Exclude Customers who have made a purchase since 12/1/2014

Messaging Ideas

  • Free shipping for orders over a certain amount
  • $5 shipping on any purchase between 12/10 and12/23 using a special code only they get
  • "Don't procrastinate!  We've made it easy to order with 3 great gift packages" - give them a fast path to buying certain products
  • "3 for 2: Need some easy gift options shipped fast?"  Bundled pricing for a gift they can give to multiple people which includes 2-day shipping.

Automated Best Customer Rewards Email Series

Some percent of your customers are simply your VIPs, and it is absolutely essential to treat them as such going into the holiday season.  It's important to automate this scoring (something Windsor Circle does) and trigger emails during the holiday season to people who make it into that segment.  Best Customers are likely shopping with you year-round, so they are used to receiving, and acting on, your emails. 

We suggest creating a 3 - 5 email campaign that starts, well, now!  A report by Experian shows that holiday email marketing has already started, and our data analysis shows that Best Customers start their holiday spending with their favorite stores in October too.

Customer Segments

  • Customers whose lifetime value is more than a certain dollar amount AND
  • Customers who have shopped with you in the last 90 days OR
  • Customers whose "RFM" (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Score puts them in the Best Customer Segment

Best Customer Campaign Ideas:

  • Showcase your hottest new products to your Best Customers first. 
  • Give them first dibs, early-bird specials, or early access before the inventory goes public. 
  • For hot products that won't be available until November, let your Best Customers pre-pay now for "limited inventory".
  • Offer fantastic rewards for high order amounts: $100 off a purchase of $300 or more, for example.
  • "Special pre-holiday gift for our best customers" - include a cool gift if they spend $100 or more by 10/31.

There are many other exciting ways retailers can use purchase history and customer lifetime value data during the holiday season to drive more sales and increase loyalty and retention. This time of year, our calendar fills up fast, it's not too late to implement email marketing automation for the 2014 holidays, but don't wait to schedule a demo!

Our 5 Day Installation Guarantee and RAMP program can get you sending personalized, segmented, and automated campaigns that will drive significant revenue this season and beyond.

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