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Quick Wins for Last Minute Retail Holiday Promotions

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Dec 7, 2016 11:19:57 AM

Quick Wins for Last Minute Retail Holiday Promotions

The holidays are one of the biggest shopping times of the year, which means they are also the busiest. Between an influx of traffic, managing inventory, and processing orders, it’s no surprise if you find yourself trying to put together some last minute promotions for the holidays.So we’ve put together some quick wins for you to use during the final weeks of the holiday season.

But first…


Take a breath. Holidays aren’t only stressful for business, they can also be stressful personally. Travelling, parties, gift shopping - sometimes the best parts of the holiday season also require the most energy. If you’ve waited until the last minute to prepare your holiday promotions, give yourself a break. And remember that your customers are probably feeling the same way!


Read on for some quick tips and tricks you can pull out in the last push to the end of the holiday season!


Reuse, reuse, reuse

Take a look at some of your promotions earlier this year. What worked well? (free shipping, buy one get one, etc.). Take your top performing emails, add a little holiday flair (think: subject line, header image, etc.), and send them out to your customers.


Another way to make the most out of these “reused” emails is to segment your audiences. It will take you a little more time, but the payoff can be huge. Three audiences to keep in mind this time of year:

  • Last year’s holiday shoppers
  • Previous gift givers
  • Procrastinators

Learn more about key holiday segments here.


Ask for help

Take an assessment of what resources you have and see if you can possibly outsource the rest. Freelancers (or your agency if you already have one) can work with your existing assets to quickly create email templates that you can use multiple times or design full email campaigns.


Easy Campaign Ideas

  • Get it in time for Christmas! - highlight your shipping options so your customers know how long they have to shop
  • Gift guides - this is an especially great tool if you have a lot of product images. Create 2 or 3 versions to fit specific themes (think: gender, personality, style, etc.) and send them out to the appropriately segmented audience.
  • Popular products - help your customers decide what to gift based on what’s most popular
  • 12 days of Christmas - highlight 12 different products leading up to Christmas
  • Appeal to the self-gifter - this is a great way to leverage product recommendations based on their purchases from earlier in the year


Get Personal

It never hurts to send a message of thanks to your customers, especially in the holiday spirit. Not only does this help build customer loyalty, but it will also help you stand out from the clutter of the many holiday promotions they’ve been receiving.


Get Inspired

Check out these resources to find email inspiration:



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