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Last-Minute Super Bowl Promotions

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Jan 25, 2016 10:01:00 AM

superbowl_blog_-01.pngWho says the Super Bowl is about football? It’s about retail!

The good news about last-minute Super Bowl marketing is that the Super Bowl typically attracts last-minute consumers. Why? Well, with it being a “holiday” that may be celebrated more in one area than another and depends on the season’s outcome, people are forced wait a while before making plans.

What are the major retail categories for the Super Bowl?


The Super Bowl and Father’s Day give Black Friday a run for its money in the world of electronics promotions. It might be a good idea to put some of your big-ticket electronics items on a last-minute sale and then promote the crap out of all of the needed accessories. Now, it would be a shame to buy a new TV for your Super Bowl party without amazing speakers, an HDMI cable, and the NFL video game to go with it!

Another thing you can do for a last-minute revenue driver is pick some products from your catalogue that correlate with the Super Bowl, and target customers that purchased them in the past with promotions on accessories and similar items.

Consumables - Home - Paper
The Super Bowl is a HUGE food holiday. And it’s not just about beer, wings and Doritos. Your customers are entertaining or bringing consumable gifts to their parties. For last-minute campaigns, promote consumables and all the accessories for them. This is a good time to scream value and convenience by giving your shoppers all the reasons to buy from you instead of running out to the closest store.

What are some surefire Super Bowl campaign examples?


Replenishment campaigns can be used on items that people regularly re-order but could be ramped up around the Super Bowl. For example, if you already have a customer that receives replenishment notices for paper plates and paper towels, you can send a Super Bowl version that asks if they need to order up for the upcoming game.

474481579.jpgProduct Bundles

Bundling products can also be an easy way to increase revenue the week of the Super Bowl by giving your customers promotions like a “Special Super Bowl Package” or “Your guide to the Super Bowl” by picking out combinations of products that may be useful for entertaining, watching or tracking the game. Think outside of the box and include activities that go along with the Super Bowl. For example, one retailer made hangover kits and alarm clocks as gag gifts for people to bring to parties.

Demographic Data

If you have demographic data, use it! With access to geographic data you can easily set up promotions specific to the teams that are playing in certain regions. Some companies get creative and change product names or colors to reflect Super Bowl teams. Others use this data as a way to connect customers with their brand through campaigns for prizes and free game day giveaways.
You don’t have to spend zillions of dollars on advertising for the Super Bowl to cash in and get some attention. Think outside of the box at the many categories that can benefit from having some segmented campaigns running the week of Super Bowl. Even if you are late to planning, hopefully you have picked up a few ideas that you can get up and running in no time.

Learn more about automating campaigns for segmented promotions here, or feel free to reach out to us to discover how to implement these types of campaigns for your business.

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