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Top Holiday-Driven Retail Segments (Part 1)

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Oct 7, 2015 12:03:00 PM


As all retailers know, the winter holidays are just around the corner. This means retailers in all categories have a variety of different promotions to run specific to their retail category. However, the winter holidays are not the only special occasions throughout the year when holiday-specific marketing can be a powerful tool.

Food and beverage retailers certainly have a different product cycle, seasonality and business model than apparel retailers. The same goes for health, beauty, electronics, and home retailers. Now that most retailers have access to customer shopping data, they are armed with the ability to find trends specific to their retail category and use that data to influence and increase repeat purchases.

Although retail can be broken down into a larger amount of specialty categories, we are going to focus on these top five and give segment ideas for each. All of these segments are easily built using two data points: time of purchase + product information.

This two-part blog series is all about providing you with holiday segments that correlate with your specific retail category. This first part will focus on health & beauty and food & beverage retailers, while part two will offer examples for apparel, electronics and home goods retailers.

Health & Beauty

Flu Season Segment: This is a simple segment to target. You would identify buyers of flu and cold product category from last year, specifically October to December.


Health-Related School Year Replenishment segment: For this segment select product categories like vitamins, first-aid items, toothpaste, shampoo, sunscreen that were purchased from August to September of the previous year. The trigger emails based on the usage rate of each product.


Beauty Replenishment: For this category, you can use our Replenishment Automator to automatically trigger refill emails about consumable products. If you do not have Windsor Circle, you can use purchase date and the average product lifetime for the specific product, such as cosmetics, razors, bath products, skincare items, etc.


Peak Retail Holidays:  

Flu season: October-December 

Back to School: August-September

Allergy season: April-June

Food & Beverage

Back to School Segment: This segment can be created using these product categories: lunch-related, convenience, and kid-oriented items during the school year date range (August to May). Push replenishment and convenience promotions to this segment during this timeframe.


Holiday Cook Segment:  This represents your customers that love to purchase cooking-related items during these seasons. Select last year's Thanksgiving and Christmas buyers based on product category and order size. Push promotions for seasonal products, recipe guides, product education emails, and assortments.


Routine Segment: This is your group that routinely orders the same items, making them a great candidate for the Replenishment Automator. Without that tool, you can find this segment by identifying customers that purchased replenishable products multiple times within given time range.


Host/Event Segment:  These are your customers that buy around specific events (ex. Super Bowl, Halloween, Fourth of July, Mother's Day, and Valentine’s Day). Find them by using the product category and date range for each specific event. If you know your customer stocks up around Halloween, then there is a good chance they may want promotions around kid-related or seasonal products in the future.


Peak Retail Holidays:

Thanksgiving & Christmas


Super Bowl




With the ability to create your own segments with tools like Windsor Circle's Custom Segment Builder, these types of targeted marketing opportunities are at your fingertips.


Read part two of this blog series to see example segments for apparel, electronics and home goods retailers. For more holiday information, take a look at our free resources.



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