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Love is in the Air – Top Valentine’s Day Promotions

Posted by Yuyi Li on Jan 15, 2015 11:32:00 AM

Love is in the Air – Top Valentine’s Day Promotions

“Be Mine” cards in the shade of pink and red, chocolates, and everything in between.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day, a day to give and receive love…in the form of gifts and goodies. To show our love and appreciation, the cupids here at Windsor Circle came up with some ways for you to target and retain your customers.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for retailers to utilize promotions. Promotions work because they

  • Spread love by providing perks to customers 
  • Raise brand awareness 
  • Increase demand for your brand 

More importantly, promotions help retailers retain customers by bridging the gap between retailers and customers, which makes it easier for customers to make more purchases and easier for retailers to satisfy customer demands. Promotions and segment-focused emails are important items within the 9 Pillars of Retention.

Free Shipping

Here are some promotional ideas that you could use this year to retain your customers –  Love is free! Why not love freely this Valentine’s Day?


Free Gift/BOGO

Humor Is Key

Be genuine. Stay true to yourself. Those phrases are not solely reserved for motivational posters. Every person, every store, every company has its own special niche that makes them who they are. Why not embrace your uniqueness this Valentine’s day? If your brand has humorous undertones, make sure to highlight that this Valentine’s Day – it’s why customers love you in the first place! We found some examples of brands that embraced their humorous undertones and used them to stand out from the crowd. These brands melted hearts (and wallets) on Valentine’s Day with some not-so-cheesy emails.


Personalization & Segmentation

Hi, “There”! Yep, we’ve all been there. We understand that most of us are not champions when remembering names. This phenomenon also occurs when customers don’t interact with brands for a lengthy period of time. Since grabbing coffee is not physically feasible on the World Wide Web, remind and surprise customers of your love by targeting them through different segments. Try sending out Last Chance offers to customers who haven’t made a purchase since January 1st. Then, throw in some Last Minute offers for the busy bees (who just checked their calendars) and haven’t made a purchase by February 1st. Utilizing targeted segments will be a great way to retain customers this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Guides

Imagine this. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you’re lying in bed, thinking about the future. You ask yourself: How do I survive Valentine’s Day without a Valentine? How do I impress my Valentine? No matter what the situation is – customers are looking for a perfect game plan. Support your customers by providing them with gift guides and curated guides to lead them in making purchases that fit their interests and passions this Valentine’s Day!

Love what you see?

Download our Valentine’s Day eBook, which includes top segments for your Valentine’s Day campaigns, email cadences, and messaging, as well as more real world email examples.

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