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Customer Retention. Automated

Meet Client Success

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Jan 15, 2015 9:27:00 AM

The Client Success Team is about just that.

They are the coaches, the ears, the advisors and their client’s number one fans.

Windsor Circle created the Client Success team to help clients reach for the stars and hit home run after home run of revenue increases from their marketing campaigns. Although our client success managers are experts in automation they are real people that believe a real relationship is not something to automate.  

I sat down with Scot Catlin, the fierce leader behind the team and one of the Founders of  Windsor Circle to get a better idea of what a client can expect from this team. When asked to describe his team , Scot spoke of their work-hard play-hard culture, support for each other and support for their clients. “Teams are stronger than individuals”, states Catlin and that is why he dedicates his efforts to ensuring his team has the resources, support and training needed to fully equip them to best serve Windsor Circle clients. The team’s goal is to provide clients with the easiest path to retaining their customers. , which they do by embracing a transparent relationship built on facts and setting honest mutual expectations with each client.

 The Client Success team brings together an interesting group of people with a range of experiences and specialties. When asked about the backgrounds of the team, Scot laughed and mentioned how there is quite a variety. His consistent focus is on bringing in people with energy and passion.

The  Client Success team is made up of designers, customer service experts, strong technically skilled team members, and those with enterprise level marketing backgrounds. Scot, as a software engineer and with a past of leading technical teams has shaped the Client Success team by bringing diverse career backgrounds together to feed off each member’s knowledge and strengths. He has also earned the name of “Windsor Circle Marine” for being able to step into whatever role is needed and carve the first path for his team to follow. Scot leads with a true mix of creativity, experience, and technical know how. 

In order to explore the experience that a client will have, I asked a few questions to Scot and other Client Success Managers to help illustrate a day in the life… through the client’s eyes. 

In one sentence what is a client success team?

Scot: We help our clients drive their retention automation efforts in order to realize more revenue from their existing customers.

Can you walk me through what a new client can expect from their Client Success Manager?


  1. Kick Off Call-  The relationship begins! This is the call in which the sales team introduces the Client Success Manager to the client. It is the introduction of personalities and initial goals.
  2. Goals Discussion- Client Success Manager talks with the retailer to gain a clear understanding of their marketing goals, brand, and current marketing plan.
  3. Launch Phase- This is when the Technical Onboarding Specialist walks the client through the process to connect the client’s eCommerce, ESP, and Google Analytics. At the same time the Client Success Manager walks through strategy, including what to do for their first data-driven campaigns.
  4. RAMP- The designers collaborate with the Client Success Manager to build 7 emails and prepare them for the first segmented promotional emails (Segmenting into 4 segments)
  5. Next Steps- Once RAMP emails are up and running and the integration is complete, the Client Success Manager will discuss the results and talk about the next things to focus on with the client. Together the Client Success Manager and the client will develop the next strategy by looking at the business type and discussing retention automation efforts for their company. For example, a health supplement company might need replenishment, or an apparel company might want a product recommendation campaign.
  6. Regular Calls- Client Success Managers will meet with a client on a regular basis to discuss strategy and how to implement each step.

Client Success Managers do not rotate clients. Each client has THEIR SINGLE PERSON that knows their business needs, goals, and potential pitfalls. The Client Success Manager will be there every step of the way as an advisor, to assist with implementation and strategy.


 What are some of the questions you get asked most frequently from your clients?

Scot: What’s the next thing? After standard Ramp emails are set up, this comes up a lot. The answer always depends on what is best for each client’s individual needs and goals. This is where we create a customized road map for every client to use with their software.

 The Client Success Manager should feel like an extension of our client's marketing staff.  “At times they are there to hold you accountable, walk along next to you, and win with you.” - Scot Catlin

After Sitting down with Scot and discussing with the individuals that make up the Client Success Team it was clear that each person takes the time to set goals, build relationships, and progress the brands they each represent. The partnership each Client Success Manager has with their clients is one of shared strategy, shared planning, and shared success The Client Success Managers view themselves as part of the companies they represent, working to problem solve, find solutions, and celebrate progress.

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