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Meet Jenny Selig

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Mar 23, 2015 12:49:00 PM

Huge Heart and a Positive Outlook - Meet Jenny Selig


Jenny Selig is an Enterprise Success Manager at Windsor Circle. She knew Durham had a vibrant startup culture and when jumping into her most recent career search, she set two goals:  


Goal 1: Surround herself with the smartest people she can find in order to always learn from others

Goal 2: Work with people who have their finger on the pulse of business and entrepreneurship


Jenny's connection to Windsor Circle started with Brad McGinity, who contacted to her about working part time. She found it was a great fit, bringing her keen insights from the client perspective on email marketing. In fact, Jenny had been on the client side in her previous role and received a demo call from Windsor Circle. She had even presented to her company on why Windsor Circle would be a great product.

As a retail marketer, she was always looking for ways to automate, personalize and send more relevant email campaigns. "How do I send the right message, at the right time, to the right person?" she noted, as she explained her experiences of creating marketing campaigns in the past. Jenny has been in the shoes of some of our clients, sitting alone in an office trying to get an important email campaign out and wishing she had a resource for coaching and strategy. Now, Jenny can say she is that person on the other end of the phone to help. 

Early Years

Enough about what Jenny does now, lets take a look at her past and the chain of events that have shaped who she is and how she got to Windsor Circle. 

JS_HS_girlsfriendsJenny is a Florida girl at heart. She grew up in Central Florida, attended 12 years of Catholic school, and enrolled as a pre-med student at the University of Florida. However, it did not take long for her to realize that she was not cut-out for medicine and after taking a personality test, she changed courses and went full force into public relations. After earning her B.S., she moved further south to Miami where she continued her studies and earned a M.A. in PR & Marketing at the University of Miami.

After several luxury brand launches, boat shows, classic car auctions, and mojitos, she had quite the PR experience under her belt. After working with Thorp & Company, one of the top PR agencies in Florida, she had eaten up the Miami PR scene and decided to take on another adventure. 

In 2002, Air Jamaica Vacations hired Jenny to help launch their first eCommerce website. She helped define the website functionality and online marketing as Air Jamaica Vacations evolved to Air Jamaica and then, later, to Sandals. Jenny jokingly mentioned, "Mid-twenties in Miami, working for a resort company , restaurants, clubs, fancy cars...it was fabulous!" After a few years of living it up in a swanky 30th floor condo on the beach, her husband and she tied the knot in true Miami style. Naturally, when her husband's residency moved them to Durham, North Caroline, she was not exactly thrilled. 

"I remember my first day driving into Downtown Durham from Miami, I burst into tears. However, after watching the transformation of my neighborhood around Duke Campus, this area became near and dear to my heart, I love it!" Jenny mentions with a smile. 

Jenny got her first taste of retail marketing when she accepted a position at The Body Shop in Wake Forest, NC. One of her all-time favorite brands, she managed their affiliate program and Amazon store. She believed in their products and had a passion for natural ingredients, fair trade, and their focus on positive images for women. After a reorganization, she moved on to Sports Endeavers, a world-renowned, family-owned business, where she managed all email marketing programs for Soccer.com and Lacrosse.com.

Spring of 2010 brought many changes. Jenny's husband was recruited by the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi. Devastated to leave Durham and pregnant with their second child, her husband, 10-month old daughter and she packed up and moved to the deep south. 

Jenny spent three years in Mississippi, where she developed an interest in startups and entrepreneurship. She started a consulting business for social media and email marketing out of an incubator in Biloxi, and she became a regular speaker, holding conferences for small businesses and online retailers. 

A Few Years Later

JS_KidsThree years later, one deployment finished, one business started, two young daughters and a third on the way, Jenny and her husband found themselves back in Durham. 

Shortly after returning to North Carolina and giving birth to her third daughter, Saige, Jenny found out that her baby would need emergency heart surgery. This prompted Jenny to set new goals on the eve of 2014. 

1. Ensure Saige is and continues to be healthy

2. Find a great school for Mia, her oldest

3. Find a job that Jenny absolutely loves

4. Put roots down and buy a forever home


When asked to reflect on these goals, Jenny smiled and said, "1. Our baby is healthy and happy. 2. Mia is flourishing in pre-school and her little sister, Isla, will go there next year. 3. I started working at Windsor Circle in early November. To be part of a company with such amazing people and not ot have to go backwards in my career is not something I thought I could find. I always wondered 'am I going to have to start from the beginning due to all the detours that life threw at  me?' 4. Moving into a new house in early April, where my kids and grandkis can call home for many years to come." 

Miami_Sean-process-s250x252Jenny speaks to her values and how her husband and she have an unspoken approach to life, a service-based relationship focused on supporting each other. She brings these values around to her relationships at Windsor Circle, quoting Brad McGinity. 

"Our job is to make you be the best at your job. We are going to train you and we are going to equip you with what you need to be successful. If you have a failure, then it is our failure as well." 

- Brad McGinity, VP of Sales


It was this passion for mentoring, cross-training, and supporting each other that brought Jenny to Windsor Circle. "Scot [my manager] is more concerned with my success and that I see great results than his own. He is always asking, 'What can I do to support you?'"

Jenny also took time to explain how team meetings almost seem like business school. "It gives you the feeling that you are part of the heart and soul of the company, its mission, what is stands for, and what it's trying to do...it's open and transparent at every level." 


"Everyone here is working with integrity and trust in each other with openness, how can that not foster success? It's a new way of doing business that people are really hungry for." 


She brings this full circle when asked about her work with clients. She explains it is the same, the goal is to be truthful and transparent. "I want clients to know that we are here for them and we believe in relationships." 


"Life is very circular...you just have to trust that no mattr what kind of challenges you face, things will always turn around and look up."


This is Jenny's outlook and her story with her heart fully in it. 

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