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Meet the Relationship Manager Team

Posted by Aviva Imbrey on Apr 2, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Q & A with Jill and Zach - Relationship Managers

Meet the small but mighty (and zany) team of Relationship Managers! Jill and Zach touch base with EVERY Windsor Circle client starting from day one. They continue getting to know each retailer’s varying goals, pain points and feedback. They are client advocates that help align progress and results by building a transparent feedback loop.


They follow the Windsor Circle practice of: 2 Ears 1 Mouth

Jill and Zach value listening. They use their check-ins to keep all levels of both client teams and Windsor Circe teams on the same page.

Now that you have a quick overview of how Jill and Zach fit into the process at Windsor Circle, lets get to know them a little bit! Find out their different perspectives and why they steal the hearts of so many clients.

Q: If you had only 3 words to describe yourself what would they be?

J: Passionate, empathetic, impulsive

Z: Intuitive, grounded, light-hearted

Q: What brought you to Windsor Circle?

J: My friend Taylor was part of the original team and had such great things to say. I waited until Windsor Circle was at a size to support a Relationship Manager, and then got in touch. I was impressed by everyone I met, and made the move pretty quickly.


Z: Jill was actually the driving force behind me joining the Windsor Circle team. After working together at Blogads, we kept in-touch and compared notes on our divergent career paths. When Jill told me Windsor Circle was hiring its second Relationship Manager… well, you can probably guess the end of the story.

Q: So, rumor has it that you and Zach worked together in the past, is that true?

J: Yes! We worked together with a number of different clients at Blogads (local advertising company), most notably Urban Dictionary.

Q: What makes your role different from a Client Success Manager?

Z: Our Client Success team is the driving force behind our software. They are key to our clients’ campaign strategy, implementation, and support. As Relationship Managers, we’re the business points of contact for existing clients. One of our top priorities is to create a transparent, open line of communication for client feedback to help us improve our offerings as we grow. We spend a lot of time listening and thinking about our clients’ businesses.

J: We are not providing a service as much as keeping in touch with satisfaction around the entire product, service, and Windsor Circle experience. We are responsible for saying, “this is what it will take to make this client a long term member of the Windsor Circle family.”

Q: Do you have any client stories?

J: A favorite memory is at ExactTarget Connections in 2014. Tamara, Email Channel Manager for Surf Stitch, Brad Springer (her Client Success Manager), and I rented bikes and rode around Indianapolis for a few hours. It was an incredibly crisp, sunny day, and we laughed and joked about everything non-business related. 

Q: Outside of work, what kind of things keep you busy?

Z: I have dueling introvert/extrovert tendencies and gravitate towards laid-back social activities with friends and family. I consume a lot of podcasts, talk radio, and fiction novels in my down time. I also admit to having a fierce competitive side and enjoy watching/playing a variety of sports, with basketball and football leading the way.

J: I’m really all about relationships. Most of my down time is spent with others, over food and drink.

Q: As a Durham native, you have seen quite the transformation. How would you describe working in downtown Durham now?

Z: Growing up in the Triangle, I’ve seen the evolution of Durham first-hand. While I remain a die-hard UNC fan, I’m thrilled that Durham has built upon its historic roots and sprouted such a unique, lively culture. There’s a lot of pride amongst the people that grew up here and it’s powerful to see that reflected in the identity of the city. The desire to continue working in downtown Durham was a big reason I joined the team coupled with all the ways Windsor Circle gives back to the local community.

Q: With all the different retailers that you work with, what things do they all have in common?

Z: We work closely with our clients’ marketing departments, and the commonality between them is that they’re all extremely busy. They need resources/partners that make their lives easier and more efficient so I enjoy being able to provide that!

J: They are all thinking creatively about how to market in today’s digitally crowded landscape. They all tend to have a deep connection to their brand, and tell their story uniquely. They agree it’s just a matter of getting that story to resonate with their current customer base and make them brand advocates.

Q: What kind of differences do you encounter?

Z: The fun part is learning the nuances of each business. While all of our clients want to drive revenue and retain more customers, they often approach this common goal from different angles. Many of our clients are very analytical and want to understand our data-science inside and out, others are strictly bottom-line focused, and then everything in-between.

Q: Windsor Circle is growing fast, since you have been here how has the team transformed? What is in the future for the Relationship Management Team?

J: The team is still just as close as it’s ever been, but larger, so it feels like a very powerful closeness… like we can conquer anything when we all work together. Instead of the few and proud, it’s a larger, more influentially team with shared values and goals.

Q: Within the Windsor Circle team it is widely known that you are quite the cook. What are your knockout dishes?

J: I like to make beef bourguignon, chicken and dumplings, peanut butter banana cream pie… you know, all light and healthy stuff ;)


Q: Personal claim to fame?

Z: I make a killer bowl of cereal

J: Can cross one eye and not the other and move them around very separately from each other (yikes).

With Windsor Circle’s fun and growing team it is no surprise that these two are a part of it. Feel free to check out more employee interviews and culture news here.

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