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Moms, Dads, & Grads – Top Promotional Ideas

Posted by Yuyi Li on Mar 17, 2015 3:03:00 PM


Baby, it’s fresh outside. It is almost spring, and our green pants lovin’ team at Windsor Circle is gearing up for a special time of celebration and gratitude – for our moms, dads, and grads. 

We’re pumped because this is the perfect time for retailers to celebrate their customers. Our team sifted through countless emails and compiled top ideas, promotions, and themes that retailers could implement to help customers celebrate their moms, dads, and grads! 

“20 years from now, we’ll look at this and laugh.” Yes, we all have those candid moments that somehow find its way into a photograph. That smeared chocolate icing on the tips of your nose and everywhere else? Don’t worry, we’ll pretend that we don’t know about that. When crafting emails for any occasion, add an extra sentimental value to the message by including photographs that showcase that special someone.

Most importantly, make sure that the image reflects a candid and relatable moment shared between loved ones. Creating this connection will remind customers of the importance of celebration, which gives them more reason to purchase from you. Don’t forget that getting connected is one of the 9 pillars of retention automation!

For Mother’s Day emails, why not include some photographs of a child and a mother.

For Father’s Day emails, try photographs that show bonding between a father and a child.

For Graduation emails, include photographs that show growth, success, and the little milestones that make everything special.

Get social

Spice up the emails by adding some customer stories to the photographs. Better yet – why not utilize social media for customers to share their own memories and photos? This fulfills many pillars of automation retention – creating evangelists, listening to customers, knowing your customers, and many more. If you have a Twitter account, why not generate a #hashtag to get the world involved and tuned in to your message? Here are some email examples to get your creativity juices flowing!


Dads & Grads

The retail world is all about catchy phrases and word play. Con(grad)ulations! See what we did there? After scouting through many emails, we found a reoccurring phrase: Dads and Grads. This smart phrase targets two holidays in one, and this means that you will have the opportunity to retain and reach two different customer segments. Here are just a few emails we found with this theme:

Graduation Day

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance! Graduation is a milestone for any parent and child. Whether is getting a diploma from elementary school or from college, help customers celebrate this special time by helping graduates discover new frontiers. For Graduation emails, try to fill them with the same emotions that you would find in a recent grad – those butterflies in their stomachs and timeless excitement for the future. Of course, you also want your grads to feel happy on the special day, so don’t for get to include some party themes and product suggestions in those emails! This will directly connect your customers with your products and promotions. Here are some email designs that you can include in your campaigns –


Want more promotional ideas? Sure! 

Are you FREE for a FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 25th at 2pm? Join us for the Moms, Dads, and Grads Webinar, you will gain insight on specific customer segments that you should target during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation. We will also showcase and evaluate various emails, so you have inspiration when creating your own creative emails. Our team has also scouted out a collection of creative promotional examples and hot products, so you have the perfect tools to implement your own.

This post is just your sneak peak at the wide range of strategic and creative ideas that you will find in the Moms, Dads, and Grads eBook, which will be released on March 31st. We’re so excited to celebrate with you and helping you to retain your customers, especially during this fresh season for retail. By utilizing these ideas and themes, you will make customers and their loved ones feel extra special. They will definitely thank you for it!


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