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Omnichannel Marketing Goes Predictive: Key Campaigns You Can Run Today

Posted by Laura Fasolak on Jan 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

“Omnichannel” has been a buzzword for marketers across industries for quite some time.


For ecommerce retailers, omnichannel marketing means meeting your customers where they are - whether that’s browsing the web, on their phone, reading your blog, scrolling on social media platforms, etc.


Retailers also have the additional task of walking the fine line between creating a seamless shopping experience (from acquisition to purchase) and giving off “creepy/stalker vibes”.


The key differentiator? Personalization.

In an ideal world, we’d know exactly what a customer wants to buy when they want to buy it. Customers would be treated to a “white glove” experience where they look forward to hearing from us because they know that we’re providing value, not just another irrelevant offer.


And although nobody has done this perfectly 100% of the time, it’s what drives every product innovation the good people on our Data Science team execute every day.


You’ve heard a lot from us about predictive marketing, which until now has been email marketing focused. However, we want retailers to be able to go beyond email with personalized predictive marketing campaigns across multiple channelsWith that aim in mind, here are some key predictive campaign ideas and marketing channels you can use to get started creating campaigns that meet your customers across multiple channels.


Predictive Campaign Ideas
Note: many of these predictive campaign suggestions are based on data now available in our Predictive Customer Value Module. Learn more about the module here.



Order reminders: send your customers who have upcoming predicted order dates a reminder to purchase. Set up product recommendations based on past orders or highlight new products that they may be interested in.

Beyond email: serve this audience Carousel ads on Facebook to display your products just before their expected next order date.


Pre-Best Customers: target customers who have high predicted future spend with a special “best customer” message or offer. This could include a “sneak peak” into upcoming product launches or a special discount.

Beyond email: retarget this audience across display advertising networks with a best customer message.  


“Concierge” offers: offer special services such as a phone number of an executive, private shopping events, a personal consultant, etc. to your top 10% of future spenders. Apparel retailers have used this to provide personalized shopping consultation, for example.

Beyond email: create a direct mail campaign for this “elite” group to send a special note with your offer.


Pre-Win Back: craft a win back series of emails before your customers have churned by creating segments based on customers with high predicted churn probability.

Beyond email: create tailored audiences on Twitter with this segment of customers to create a website card with a Win Back message.


Lookalikes for Smarter Acquisition: creating lookalike audiences to mirror your best, most profitable customers will help you acquire more loyal customers. You can create lookalike campaigns across display and social media platforms. Also, social media platforms offer lead generation ads that allow you to gather email directly from the platform itself. Check out Twitter and Facebook's Lead Generation ads.


Going Beyond Email

Retailers can leverage their predictive customer segments across the following channels. The links provided give you step-by-step instructions for importing these segments for use in cross-channel marketing campaigns once they have been exported from the Windsor Circle platform.

  • Display Advertising Retargeting and Lookalike Campaigns (example: AdRoll)
  • Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (via Customer Match)
  • Paid search (Google AdWords, Bing)
  • Facebook and Instagram Custom and Lookalike Audiences
  • Twitter Tailored Audiences
  • Direct mail and sales call lists

Topics: omnichannel, predictive marketing

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