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On Securing Series B Funding: an Interview with our CEO

Posted by Andrew Pearson on Aug 15, 2014 11:06:00 AM
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While at eTail East in Philadelphia, we sat down with CEO Matt Williamson to hear his thoughts on the culmination of a successful Series B fundraising process.  Here's what Matt had to say.

Q: Windsor Circle recently announced the closing of our $5.25MM Series B.  How do you feel?

As the industry leader in automated customer retention marketing software, (which we brand as “Retention Automation), we are fired up about the prospect of helping businesses everywhere tilt the balance of revenue generation back towards their loyal customers. &#160

Q: What vision does this funding help you achieve?

In a world where existing customers generate over 40% of revenue, but account for less than 8% of website traffic and less than 22% of marketing spend, the time has come to leverage the power of big data and marketing automation to right the ship and enable marketers to engage these incredibly profitable stakeholders in ways that grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and repeat purchasing.

Q: How did Windsor Circle get to this stage?

I see this series B as the culmination of a successful early stage launch phase, the validation of Retention Automation as a category that Windsor Circle is defining, and a clarion call to marketers everywhere to rally around their customers as a greenfield revenue opportunity that will define the next battlefield for revenue and profitability.  This era will be heralded by massive disruption as businesses who bend big data and data science to the task of delighting customers outpace those who remain stuck in the days of acquisition-heavy marketing strategies.  Net, the day of the customer has arrived.

Q: Tell us about Comcast Ventures

One of the biggest things that attracted us to Andrew Cleland and Jonathan Drillings of Comcast Ventures, our lead investor, was their shared passion for this thesis.  We had several beautifully unorthodox moments in the diligence process where we were basically sharing slides and comparing notes as if we were already on the same team.  

Q: What attracted investors to Windsor Circle?

Part of creating venture scale value in a company is to have the Right Team, working on the Right Idea, at the Right Time.  We share a belief that the right time is upon us, as three powerful trends converge…  1) Big Data, 2) Marketing Automation, and 3) Renewed Focus on the Customer by leading retailers like Amazon and Zappos.  We've architected our platform to solve this problem gracefully and quickly for our clients, who are averaging 18X ROI and publishing their stellar results in public case studies.

Q: What are you most passionate about focusing on now that the funds are secured?

What I'm most passionate about is that we’re just getting started.  We were very disciplined in our first 2.5 years as we perfected our approach to eCommerce and email marketing as our first two end points.  With this financing, we will deploy our 9 Pillars of Retention Automation framework across multiple marketing channels, such as social, display and direct mail.  Google and others have made it dramatically easy for business of all sizes to acquire customers.  We’re excited about helping business keep those customer with the same powerful ease of use.

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