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Customer Retention. Automated

2.7x Revenue from Segmentation

Posted by Andrew Pearson on May 26, 2015 3:06:00 PM
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Check out our brand new case study featuring Windsor Circle client Onward Reserve. This premium men's lifestyle fashion and apparel retailer is segmenting their regular marketing emails into 4 variations by leveraging purchase history data, and automating loyalty programs for their best customers. They're making 2.7 times the revenue from this approach!

Case Study Onward Reserve Segmented and Automated Emails

The segmented email newsletters are getting 35% open rates and 8.5% click throughs, compared to 25%, click rates of 3.0% for non-segmented versions.  Will Watts, Co-Founder and COO of Onward Reserve and Five Mile, says “We definitely see the benefit in segmenting out the Gazette because it gives us the ability to incentivize the people we want to with coupon codes, for example churning customers or people who haven’t yet purchased, to get them to purchase, vs. sending loyal customers a newsletter without the coupon.” 

While Onward Reserve uses Windsor Circle to connect their Magento eCommerce platform to their MailChimp email marketing software (where these emails are sent), any online retailer can execute on these campaigns regardless of eCommerce or email marketing software.  This case study contains 15 pages of examples, how-to, best practices, and analysis.

Download the Case Study Today!

Case Study Onward Reserve Segmented and Automated Emails

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